The Earth Will Be Incinerated Because You Ate A Cheeseburger

The climateweenies at Slate wonder if we would give up burgers to stop “climate change”. Hey, considering how cold this spring is….can we call it spring? In all my years in NC I have never had to turn the heat on in May…perhaps we need to eat more burgers. Though it has been kinda chilly to have a cook out (via Tom Nelson)

In case you missed the news, humanity spent the Earth Day week reaching another sad milestone in the history of catastrophic climate change: For the first time, measurements of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere surpassed 400 parts per million, aka way above what our current ecosystem can handle.

That’s weird: I can’t find any scientific stories saying it crossed that line. Lots which say we’re close to doing that, none that say we have.

Actually, you probably did miss the news because most major media outlets didn’t cover it in a serious way, if at all. Instead, they and their audiences evidently view such information as far less news-, buzz- and tweet-worthy than (among other things) the opening of George W. Bush’s library and President Obama’s jokes at the White House Correspondents Dinner.

Oh, there you go,is it’s a conspiracy. Got ya. Except, the Slate article is from the 2nd. The French Tribune published a story on the 5th stating that the world is on the verge of crossing 400 ppm.

Here’s the good news, though: The fastest way to reduce climate change shouldn’t seem impossible, because it requires no massive new investments, technological breakthroughs or long-term infrastructure projects. According to data compiled by former World Bank advisers Robert Goodland and Jeff Anhang, it just requires us all to eat fewer animal products.

You first, chump.

If you find it demoralizing that we are incinerating the planet and dooming future generations simply because too many of us like to eat cheeseburgers, here’s that good news I promised: In their report, Goodland and Anhang found that most of what we need to do to mitigate the climate crisis can be achieved “by replacing just one quarter of today’s least eco-friendly food products” — read: animal products — “with better alternatives.” That’s right; essentially, if every fourth time someone craved, say, beef, chicken or cow milk they instead opted for a veggie burger, a bean burrito or water, we have a chance to halt the emergency.

This comes from political wacko David Sirota, most recently beaten up over his stupid Boston bombing comments. So, if you eat cheeseburgers, your causing the planet to burn to a crisp, something that never happened despite atmospheric CO2 having much higher concentrations during most of the history of the Earth.

Maybe if you would stop eating burgers it wouldn’t snow in Arkansas in May for the first time in recorded history (which goes back to 1819)

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3 Responses to “The Earth Will Be Incinerated Because You Ate A Cheeseburger”

  1. Gummie_Burgers says:

    Yes, because every time I crave a lovely cheeseburger, a glass of water fills the bill and satisfies that need.

    Heck, even when I desire chocolate ice cream, a luke-warm glass of water is the perfect replacement.

    If only we can stop being carnivores, and become water drinkers, then the world will be a better place. Cuz, we have plenty of clean fresh water around.

  2. Cuz, we have plenty of clean fresh water around

    No, no, according to Warmist theory water is non-renewable.

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