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Romney Makes Fun Of Obama’s Slogan

Of course, ABC reporter Emily Friedman can’t seem to get past the part about Romney speaking in front of those evil rich people Mitt Romney Makes Fun of Obama Campaign Slogan During High-Dollar Fundraiser That’s the headline Mitt Romney this evening, speaking to a group of high-dollar donors at the Ritz-Carlton hotel, poked fun at […]

If All You See…

…is lightning that can only happen when CO2 is above 350ppm, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Real Science (the new one, after the old one was hijacked) Oh, and video of the above, which I know is a little blurry, is available here.

RNC Offers “Hype And Blame”

For only $10, you can get yours! (The Hill) After a week where the one-year anniversary of the killing of Osama bin Laden effectively dominated the political news arena, Republicans are looking to shift the message back to a critical examination of President Obama’s economic record. The Republican National Committee and Romney campaign are launching […]

Children Won’t Know What Apples Taste Like

It’s so terrible! (WRAL) Apple growers in western North Carolina say they may have left up to half of their crop because of cold weather last month. Oh, wait, sorry, that’s weather, so, means nothing. Or, it was caused by global warming. Whichever.

Crazy Warmist Blames Lightning Strike On Globull Warming

Because lightning never happened when CO2 was below 350ppm. Oh, and the Warmist in question isn’t just any crazy lady: she’s a former Harvard Business School professor (via Tom Nelson) (HuffPo Crazy) Hell is not a place; it’s a time. It starts with the experience of irreversible loss and ends as you learn to live […]

Liberals Target Fox’s Broadcast Licenses

On one hand, liberals think burning the American flag and pooping on police cars is “free speech”. On the other, if someone broadcasts things they don’t like, shut them down. They’d make Hugo Chavez, Stalin, Mao, and Hitler very proud (Guardian) A Washington-based ethics watchdog is calling on federal regulators to revoke News Corporation’s 27 […]

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