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California May Be Going Broke, But They’re Ready For Hotcoldwetdry!

In the issue of priories, worrying about fanciful weather predictions for 50-100 years down the road should be way down at the bottom (89.3 KPCC) With climate change continuing to create a myriad of new and uncertain weather and water-related issues, no state in America is better at getting ready for our environmental future than […]

If All You See…

…is a field that should be full of wind turbines, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Proof Positive.

NASCAR Inks “Green” Deal With EPA

Not to get all conspiracy minded, but did NASCAR voluntarily do this in order to join the “green” craze or did the EPA say something like “join us or we’ll regulate you out of business”? (Washington Examiner) President Obama’s eco-friendly EPA inked a green partnership deal with high-octane NASCAR Monday to promote recycling and environmentally-friendly […]

Obviously, Obama’s Kentucky And Arkansas Beat Down Was Raaaaacism

Even Leftist Chris Cizzilla is calling BS on the notion (Washington Post) That President Obama lost roughly 40 percent of the vote in Democratic primaries in Arkansas, Kentucky and West Virginia over the last two weeks has drawn massive national headlines. Those headlines have drawn a collective eyeroll from Democrats — and many others who […]

Dems Phony War On Women Continues With “Paycheck Fairness” Bill

Apparently, Democrats have forgotten that they passed that “historic” Lilly Ledbetter law, which Obama continuously brings up to pander to women (Politico) Sick of the fights over contraception and Planned Parenthood? Get ready for a new front in what Democrats call the GOP’s “war on women.” Five female Democratic senators pressed for legislation Wednesday aimed […]

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