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Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day – May 25th

I’ve actually been rather remissent in mentioning the issues that good BlogFriend RS McCain, along with with a few others (I hope I can call Patterico at least a BlogAcquaintance)  has been going through regarding Brett Kimberman. I was late to the party, and this is a rather complicated issue, so it is hard to […]

Good News: Senate Dems Vote To Increase Flying Fees So You Can Be Groped

In a sane world, when most in the private sector have cut back on their home budgets thanks to this long term economic downturn made worse by Democrats, agencies like the Transportation Security Administration would simply do more with less and/or see reductions. Of course, when Democrats are involved the money apparently blossoms from a […]

If All You See…

…is a Gaia killing dog walking in a flooded world, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Patterico’s Pontifications.

Scientific American: Are We Past The Hotcoldwetdry Tipping Point?

How many times have we been told that the Earth is going to pass some ecological tipping point only to see it pass without fanfare (the SA story even starts by telling us about a failed one)? Here comes yet another (via Tom Nelson) (Scientific American) Don’t look now but we are running in midair, […]

Joe Biden: “Being A Plumber Doesn’t Qualify You To Be President”

How about being a community organizer who wrote a few books and started his political career off in the living room of domestic terrorists? Never having done any actual work in the private sector, never having had to lead a company, make a profit, balance a spreadsheet? Does that qualify a person? (MSNBC) “Your job […]

Latest Poll Shows Romney Slaughtering Obama In North Carolina

Though, I don’t think I’m allowed to use the term “slaughtering” in the era of New Tone. Anyhow, this new poll shows dead, buried, and decomposing cat bounce for Obama (WRAL) President Barack Obama and likely Republican challenger Mitt Romney are in a virtual tie for North Carolina’s 15 electoral votes in this fall’s election, […]

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