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Ron Paul!!!!!!1!!!! Finally Ends Campaign. Sort Of

In other news, Ron Paul was still campaigning (Washington Times) Rep. Ron Paul of Texas said Monday he will not compete in primaries in any of the states that have not yet voted — essentially confirming Mitt Romney will win the Republican presidential nomination. Mr. Paul said he will continue to work for delegates in […]

Bummer: Even Lefties In San Francisco Not To Keen On “Green” Energy

Buried over at the S.F. Chronicle Green vs. green: San Franciscans’ enthusiasm for going green with “clean energy” in their own homes appears to be about as flat as the economy. A recent poll of 3,500 residents by the city’s Public Utilities Commission found that 52 percent would probably stay with Pacific Gas and Electric […]

If All You See…

…is a permanent drought, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is American Power.

Would You Pay $21 For A Carbon Neutral Chocolate Bar?

More pure idiocy from the Warmists, but, they get to feel good and think they are “Doing Something” to save Gaia from catching on fire in some year way down the road (via Junk Science) (Guardian) Which ticks more ethical boxes? Fairtrade organic olive oil from the Palestinian territories? Or organic chocolate grown by a […]

Team Romney: Whatever McCain Did, Do The Opposite

This story must thrill John McCain and Sarah Palin (Politico) Mitt Romney and his top aides are building a strategy, partly by design and partly because of circumstance, around what they consider John McCain’s disastrously run campaign in 2008. The strategy: whatever McCain did, do the opposite. Many of the current strategy discussions are centered […]

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