NASCAR Inks “Green” Deal With EPA

Not to get all conspiracy minded, but did NASCAR voluntarily do this in order to join the “green” craze or did the EPA say something like “join us or we’ll regulate you out of business”?

(Washington Examiner) President Obama’s eco-friendly EPA inked a green partnership deal with high-octane NASCAR Monday to promote recycling and environmentally-friendly products to the sport’s millions of fans.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, NASCAR will encourage fans to buy “sustainable concessions” at races, expand the use of “safer chemical products,” conserve water, reduce waste, promote recycling, push products approved by the EPA that have a small enviro footprint and encourage suppliers to get an “E3 tuneup” aimed at promoting sustainable manufacturing.

Missing: any talk of greening races or race cars that consume about two million gallons of gas a year and average five miles per gallon.

As to some of those initiatives, there is nothing wrong with them. Doing what we can to protect the environment is not wrong. Clean air, water, and land, recycling, safer chemical products, etc are not bad ideas. And with the huge number of really, really, really passionate fans of NASCAR out there, it’s not a bad idea for the EPA to partner with NASCAR. But, then it starts getting climastupid

In a white paper issued last month, NASCAR reports that they will plant 10 trees every time the green flag is raised, which they claim will capture “100 percent of the emissions produced” in races. They also have largest recycling program in sports and last year starting using E15 fuel.

If NASCAR really wants to be Warmists, then I recommend they plant all those trees on the infield, inside the track. Let’s see the proof of the tree planting….what’s that? The trees would interfere with all the people parking there and reduce profit? Hey, come on, NASCAR, globull warming isn’t about profit, it is about saving Gaia. Plant those trees!

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3 Responses to “NASCAR Inks “Green” Deal With EPA”

  1. david7134 says:

    Don’t you think this was yet another shake down? If they didn’t cooperate, then trouble. This is another example of the fact we have lost our freedom.

  2. Gumball_Brains says:

    NASCAR reports that they will plant 10 trees every time the green flag is raised, which they claim will capture “100 percent of the emissions produced” in races.

    Yeah. Right. Anyone who believes this needs to be sent to Russia where they believe that one piece of bread, taken from the farms of starving peasants, can feed 100’s in the starving cities. They don’t deserve to be called NASCAR fans, let alone Americans.

    The EPA needs to be disbanded. The Republicans in the House have failed in their duties in oversight. They have abrogated their powers to the Executive Branch and have refused its Constitutional bonds of oversight.

    I have lost almost all hope. What we need is a complete and utter cleansing out of the old Republican guard like Boehner and Hatch. We would have had Holder behind bars for murder and dereliction of duty if it wasn’t for Boehner’s political gamesmanship and blocking of Rep Issa.

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