Record (Globull Warming) Snow Could Bring Massive Floods

Surprisingly, the NY Times is smart enough to actually avoid the mention of globull warming/climate change

For all the attention on epic flooding in the Mississippi Valley, a quiet threat has been growing here in the West where winter snows have piled up on mountain ranges throughout the region.

Thanks to a blizzard-filled winter and an unusually cold and wet spring, more than 90 measuring sites from Montana to New Mexico and California to Colorado have record snowpack totals on the ground for late May, according to a federal report released last week.

No matter what happens, the snows of 2011, especially their persistence into late spring, have already made the record books.

Obviously, it is mankind’s fault for living a modern lifestyle, releasing greenhouse gases that make it really cold and snowy.

Oh, BTW, since you asked, yes, the Mississippi floods are being blamed on “climate change.” Because floods never ever happened before 1980 (or whatever year the alarmists want to use)

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4 Responses to “Record (Globull Warming) Snow Could Bring Massive Floods”

  1. Steve says:

    THANK YOU for posting this!

    I’m glad I found your blog and will be back!

    Common Cents

  2. captainfish says:

    Ummm.. So, above avg rain is due to global warming but above avg snow is due to…..”not worthy enough to mention”?

    Wait, didn’t we have huge Mississippi floods almost very decade before after flood management was instituted? Weren’t floods all but too common before then?

    Guess it doesn’t fit the agenda. But, what would you expect from the NY-Slimes.

    It really confuses me that there isn’t one person working there that doesn’t speak up at the meetings and say, “umm, excuse me, but how can we really blame EVERYTHING on globull warming? I mean, we blame droughts, floods, fires, ice storms, heat waves, cold waves, increased rain, increased snow, increasing insect populations, decreasing insect populations, more glaciers, less glaciers…..”

    Answer: YOU’RE FIRED!!!

    oh. yeah. right.

  3. Trish says:

    Tornadoes? Did the captain mention tornadoes? I am pretty sure the devastating tornadoes in MO this weekend, will be blamed on AGW, and there will be no one to give an opposing view. I guess that “you’re fired” line has totally changed the scientific field and all it gleans, from one of diligence, honesty and facts, to one of political correctness, agenda driven answers and doom.

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