What Say To Carbon Labels For Your Skivvies?

OK, I sorta stole the headline from Skeptic’s Corner (Warning! Your Underwear purchase may kill polar bears!), but, the author has a point

U.S. scientists say a global carbon-labeling scheme for consumer products should be initiated as a sorely needed measure to mitigate climate change.

Writing this week in the journal Nature Climate Change, Michael Vandenbergh of Vanderbilt University and Thomas Dietz of Michigan State University say such a scheme could influence consumers to choose low-carbon products.

Scheme is a perfect word.

It could also improve the energy efficiency of firms, which would be concerned about brand reputation even if consumers only demonstrate limited willingness to pay for lower-carbon goods, they say.

While several carbon label efforts exist, no one scheme that accurately informs consumers and can be adopted cross-culturally and across products is in place to provide clear and effective labels.

How many people read the labels on the products they buy now? Bueller? Beuller? I’ll admit, I skim products to see if they contain MSG, which I am allergic to, and causes massive allergy attacks, up to chest wall inflammation, which presses against my heart. Otherwise, heck, lucky if I check the washing directions.

Although labels by themselves will not solve the climate problem, the researchers say, the size of the consumer footprint suggests small changes in consumer purchasing behavior could bring significant emissions reductions.

So, it won’t do anything but……raise prices and make people Feel Good like they’ve Done Something? OoooooooKay.

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6 Responses to “What Say To Carbon Labels For Your Skivvies?”

  1. mojo says:



  2. Hmm, that gives me a good idea for a Cafepress shop

  3. Doomed says:

    Make no mistake about this…..this is the globalization movement. This is the movement that wants to RUN the world….they do this by power….energy…..and the redistribution of wealth.

    Everything is about power and control. Notice that Obama is williong to ceede power to these creeps, morons and idiots. Ceede our liberties to people that do not care about the USA and would take 1/2 of our wealth and give it to somalia, bangledesh and Yemen in a heart beat……

    Demand we live in apartment buildings while they live in CASTLES and are served by butlers, maids and groundskeepers.

    They are royalty in their own mind and what better way to be the most important Monarch ever then to elect yourself KING OF THE WORLD>………..

    ITs about power and these people are madmen.

  4. Trish says:

    Every time I wanna say something funny to one of Teach’s stories/headlines, doomed makes it impossible to laugh about it, by pointing out the reality of the agenda.


  5. captainfish says:

    Doomed fits his moniker.

    the size of the consumer footprint suggests small changes in consumer purchasing behavior could bring significant emissions reductions.

    this makes no sense….

    how can small changes made by a few people impact the large consumer footprint and affect SIGNIFICANT emission reductions?!?!?

    Won’t production to create new or larger labels mean an increase in manufacturing?

    I also find it funny….. 100% Cotton shirts will now be 100% Carbon free.

    Please oh please tell me how to do that.

  6. Trish says:

    Why do these people think they can dictate what we buy anyway!
    Capt’n’s right, how do we remove carbon from cotton???
    For that matter, why should we, when the end result is not measurable?
    This is just more invasive BS from those who follow the religion of AGW.

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