New Civility: Bill Maher Calls Palin A C*nt

Just another day in the life of an “edgy comic”, and, apparently, Arnold Wayne Jones of the Dallas Voice wants to have Maher’s baby….well, consider what the Dallas Voice is about, that might not be as fanciful as usual

It’s that fearlessness — he acknowledged that some people would probably be uncomfortable with some of his remarks about religion, not to mention calling Sarah Palin a “cunt” (“there’s just no other word for her”) — that makes Maher the most dangerous person in comedy. He’s painfully well-informed, which means he takes no bullshit from anyone. President Barack Obama took it on the chin almost as much as Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck. How dare the President say he would not settle for America being No. 2 — America is already out of the top 10 in most international lifestyle and human rights categories (health care, education, social mobility, women in high political positions). “I’d be thrilled if we were No. 2,” he ranted, noting it’s nice to be behind Bosnia in life expectancy (where the chief cause of death is wolfman attacks, he joked).

Personally, I like my comics to be funny, and once one delves that deep into politics, and has their entire routine based around it, it’s not funny. But, waiting for the Left to decry this incivility in 3…2….2…..2….2….

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6 Responses to “New Civility: Bill Maher Calls Palin A C*nt”

  1. Maher’s career trajectory speaks to the inherent superiority of the East coast over the West Coast. Like Yankees vs. Dodgers, late 70’s.

    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

  2. Black Sabbath says:

    Maher is just begging for a smackdown from Fate.
    What goes around, comes around.

  3. Trish says:

    Wow, now this is war. I mean seriously, the amount of “young adults” who watch this piece of dung is staggering, and they speak his language. I am appalled at the language I see regularly on facebook, coming from teens and said young adults. There is no civility, no sense of morality because neither is being taught anymore. These kids think using language like this is funny, acceptable and don’t care what we think. There is respect or decency left. I for one am sick and tired of it, and if I hear anyone using the “c” word, they will get a mouth full of soap. Or hand sanitizer if that’s handy. I hate to become an old fuddy duddy but won’t tolerate that from someone in my presence. If I could, I’d spray Maher’s mouth with drano, but that’s another issue all together.

  4. Maggie Mama says:

    He’s crossed the final boundary with me … I wouldn’t even let my husband refer to his ex-wife with this expletive even though he had good cause.

    But, as you said, Teach, we can’t hold our breaths waiting for NOW to decry the “comic”.

  5. Trish says:

    Yeah, stand on your high principles NOW- oh that’s right- you have none. “He’s just a comedian”…oh let me think now, what happened to Lenny Bruce again??? Of course he got a pardon for his obscenity case, posthumously…
    You can in fact, speak your mind when a conservative says something disagreeable, but when a liberal spouts this crap, you have no voice? Puhlease…NOW is so passe…and worthless.

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