Europe Nixes Libyian No Fly Zone: What’ll Obama Do?

That’s the question USA Today asks

France and Great Britain failed to persuade European allies to back a no-fly zone over Libya, a development that could influence President Obama’s thinking on the subject.

Russia and Germany objected to a no-fly zone during meetings of the Group of Eight in Paris, Reuters reports.

“Military intervention is not the solution,” German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle said. “From our point of view it is very difficult and dangerous.

“We do not want to get sucked into a war in North Africa, and we would not like to step on a slippery slope where we all are at the end in a war,” he said.

President Obama has said a no-fly zone is an option, but he wants to work in concert with global allies.

What will Obama do? The same as he’s been doing: following and dithering. He’ll make a pronouncement, then ignore the situation.

Interesting how it’s All About Obama. It’d be nice if he’d show some leadership for a change, put the US at the forefront, buy, hey, we are just another country in the world, nothing special, in Obamaworld.

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3 Responses to “Europe Nixes Libyian No Fly Zone: What’ll Obama Do?”

  1. david7134 says:

    This is a European problem. They are the ones who get oil from North Africa and this is their backyard. We have enough to worry with without getting these nuts mad. It is like trying to bread up a fight between a man and a woman. You stand a good chance that both will turn on you.

  2. Let me start with saying I neither support nor not support a no fly zone. It’s a tough call. But, Libya does have an impact on world oil prices, not to mntion the negative aspects, including on US world prestige, if Ghadafi stays in power. Obama needed to lead as US president. He didn’t and won’t

  3. Trish says:

    Bingo Teach- Ghadafi is a terrorist; he supports terrorism, planned the bombing of flight 103, and is now bombing his own citizens.
    I would support either decision of the no-fly zone- if there were a consensus. But Obama is not engaging in any helpful way, and Hillary seems to be doing a fine job of pissing the Middle East off.
    So, we’re looking as weak and as bumbling as the days of Jimmah Carter.
    That I don’t support.

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