Assault On Michelle Bachmann Continues

Obviously, we can’t have a strong opinionated woman running for President, at least in Liberal World: Republicans are terrified of the tea party

When Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann was named to the House Intelligence Committee earlier this year, one of her Republican colleagues responded this way: “Is that a punchline?” Another simply said, “Jumbo shrimp. Oxymoron.”

Neither dared to attach his name to his comment.

And we know these comments are real how, exactly? But, that’s the narrative, to destroy Michelle Bachmann prior to the 2012 silly season.

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One Response to “Assault On Michelle Bachmann Continues”

  1. captainfish says:

    Yeah, those exact comments are going the rounds across the interwebnets lately, but nowhere, no site, has any idea where it came from or who said it.

    Thus, it didn’t happen or come from an R.

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