Katie Couric Career Deathwatch – Yes, She Is Investigating The Afterlife

Hey, Katie, 411, there’s a midterm election in just two days, in which the policies of your Messiah will be repudiated. You might want to pay attention. Then again, maybe that’s what this “investigation” is about (?)

Clint Eastwood has made a new movie about the afterlife. Does he know anything about that? Katie Couric decided to find out …

When asked what he thinks happens when you die, Clint Eastwood responds, “I haven’t the foggiest idea.”

Generally, when Clint Eastwood wants you dead, you’re dead. But in “Hereafter,” the new movie directed by Eastwood, death is only the beginning.

“It’s the one unknowable thing, isn’t it, in terms of what happens to us when we die?” Couric asked.

“Exactly – and nobody’s in a rush to find out,” he replied.

At least 50 Democrats will surely join the political afterlife in a little over 48 hours, not including those who will be Freddy Kruegerized in State government. Based on Katie’s ratings, I’m surprised she isn’t there already.

More: Meanwhile, Arianna Huffington has apparently donated her brain to Dr. Frankenstein

“This victory by Republicans, which I fully expect … does not mean that the nation is rejecting Democrats and affirming Republicans. It means they are rejecting the way our institutions are working, that they have deep mistrust of all establishments. That basically, our system has not worked for them,” Huffington said.

Uh huh.

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2 Responses to “Katie Couric Career Deathwatch – Yes, She Is Investigating The Afterlife”

  1. Maggie Mama says:

    Great post, Teach. I really enjoyed it.

  2. Trish says:

    Wow, Ariana, you nasty, lame half wit. Do you not hear how desperate that sounds? Do you not see how ridiculous you have become since you left the Republican party, to become the water carrier for every liberal who lives and breathes?
    Yes, Ariana, there is a Santa Claus, and it’s NOT Obama. And it’s NOT the Democrat Party. They in fact are the nightmares BEFORE Christmas, who will destroy the economy if allowed to run rampant, and therefore, this election is all about the Democrats and Obama AND their policies being rejected loud and clear.
    A vote for any Republican or Independent candidate is a vote to restore some common sense to a sea of corruption and career politics; and rest assured, we won’t forget to monitor the upcoming votes of these folks-from here on out- they will be held to a higher standard than in past elections…

    Democrats have arrogantly dismissed the will of the majority, and it’s time they heard about it from We the People…GO GOP NOVEMBER 2nd!

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