Just In Time For Yet Another Fly In Climate Conference, The Seas Could Rise!

And, surely, it is all Mankinds fault

“The way the world responds to climate change will become increasingly reliant on a sophisticated integrated atmosphere, ocean and ice observing network generating data on future climates and from which global and regional sea-level rise can be projected.

“The key question is where and how sea-level rise and associated extreme events will have their impact,” Dr Church says.

The 420-page book: Understanding Sea-level Rise and Variability, is the work of more than 90 scientists from 13 nations, led by Dr Church, Dr Philip Woodworth from the Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory UK, Dr Thorkild Aarup from the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC), and Dr Stan Wilson from the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Except, the sea is rising pretty much the same way it has been for pretty much the last 7,000 years, ever since the massive sea rise in the thousands of years following the glacial maximum (20k years ago) slowed down. Not too mention, following the same consistent pattern since the end of the Little Ice Age. Even during the cooler years from the 40’s to the mid 70’s, there was still sea rise. Welcome to life on Earth.

But, don’t let any facts get in your way, alarmists. Things like Antarctica cooling down except for a small area, accounting for 2% of its volume. Oh, and that it is rather hard to melt when temperatures are below freezing all year long there. Did you know that Antarctica accounts for 90% of the Earth’s ice? A few glaciers here and there are not going to raise the oceans and wipe out our coastal areas.

Just step back from the brink of your climate religion, put down the kool aid, and do some real science.

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4 Responses to “Just In Time For Yet Another Fly In Climate Conference, The Seas Could Rise!”

  1. John Ryan says:

    Antarctica is cooling down ?? Teach how will that effect the 7 billion humans? The Northern Hemisphere is where 90% of the Earth’s human population lives. Does the fact, and it is a fact, somehow disprove the fact that the planet is getting warmer? Do you think that the fact that Antarctica is getting colder is evidence of the GLOBAL COOLING that you post about? Israel believes that the climate is changing because of man. The only countries that don’t seem to be Saudi Arabia and Iran. http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSTRE5371QM20090408
    These are the true “environmental wackos” Along with the climate deniers like Inhofe who thinks that Noah put a pair of T-Rex in his Ark

  2. John Ryan says:

    And Teach what if it is only PARTLY the fault of mankind ? Should it be ignored? And if it is not the fault of man what do YOU believe is causing the temps to rise so fast?

  3. Trish says:

    John, no one is ignoring it. NO ONE. We here have repeatedly said we are happy to be good to our planet-but without having government ruin our lives. There has to be an understanding, that we can’t destroy planet OR our existence. No, I don’t believe Man is responsible for the changes-certainly not enough to change temperatures on the planet. I believe that without OUR help AT ALL, the climate will change drastically- and it may or may not occur in my lifetime. But I absolutely expect it to happen- based on the billions of years earth has been evolving. And still, I want to be a great steward of my wonderful earth.

  4. What Trish said.

    And to add on, John, my concern would be more on methane than CO2. There is not a whole lot you can do about agriculture, organic would be a disaster, and going vegan puts out as much methane as farm animals do. We can do a great deal with landfills, though, and many are working hard to use and develop tech to reduce/capture the methane, and reuse it.

    I am not against alternative energy sources: to the contrary, I am a big supporter, even of wind, which is looking to be much more expensive than previously stated. I think hybrids and such are great, reduce our oil use, for multiple reasons. In this case, because oil is not the cleanest, and, by clean, I am not referring to CO2.

    As an environmentalist, I would prefer we look more to solutions for actual pollutants, not greenhouse gases.

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