For All Those Looking For A Substitute For Blogrolling

Obviously, most of us know of the issues with Blogrolling, namely, the maware warnings and that they are soon going to shut down. I’ve seen some posts and Tweets asking what are good substitutes.

Obviously, one of them is to simply use the internal Links, either in WordPress or Moveable Type. I find this a little time intensive, personally.

But, here is another, and, too me, easier and more productive way: use your feedreader links!

Of course, there are many readers out there, including Google Reader, Bloglines, Yahoo feed reader, etc and so on. I used to use Bloglines, but started using Google Reader, since it was easier to integrate and use on my iPhone. After that, why use two? (especially since I just checked Bloglines after finishing the post, and found out they are shutting down)

So, how does this help you?

You can use many readers as your blogroll. If you look on my sidebar, I am using my Google Reader (GR) links (under Jammies Brigade). Though it doesn’t include my environmental/climate links, which are in a separate folder for my GR. You can do this with Bloglines, too, according to the search I did. You may be able to do this with other readers, as well. But, it was really easy with GR, and, really, if you like you current reader, you don’t have to switch. Just use GR for your blogroll.

None of them will be perfect, and won’t give you the “Updated” and the time and date updated like Blogrolling, but, hey, life’s not perfect, and, really, do we really use blogrolls as much in today’s blogosphere like we used to, when The Truth Laid Bear Ecosphere was up and running well a few years ago? It used to be about linkage, now, it is more about who YOU read on a consistent basis. And, it is a whole lot easier to see what is going on using a feed reader, right?

How to for Google

  1. Set up a Google account, if you don’t already have one (duh), then the GR
  2. If you are already using a reader, import your links, if the program you are using allows exporting (it’s a shame that Blogrolling doesn’t, and, don’t try the use of Blogrolling as an RSS, it will mess up and be virtually worthless)
  3. In GR, go to Settings, Reader Settings, Folders and Tags. Make your folder “public.” Google may take you through some stuff about making your profile public. Do the basics
  4. On the same Folders and Tags page, all the way to the right you will see “add a blogroll to your site.” Click, get code
  5. I used a simple Text widget (along with code that creates a show/hide capability called Switch Menu. Very simple. Unless you screw up the numbering. Always make sequential).
  6. Done. Wait, that’s it? Yup. That’s it. Sure, there are a few GR plugins out there, but, why bother? The above is all you need.

The benefit here is that these are the sites you read, instead of just slapping up a link to a site that you almost never, or never, read or visit. You can create multiple “folders” and use them as a linkroll. Say, one for blogs, one for news sites. You can get all their RSS by going to Google from any PC, and easily from most Smartphones. Create multiple link rolls.

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