Are You Ready For A Study On How Camel Poots Affect Climate Change?

The alarmists just can’t help themselves

Charles Darwin University has been funded for the year-long study to monitor the impact of the wild camel herd on the carbon cycle.

It is estimated that more than one million camels are roaming the country’s arid regions.

The study will monitor carbon emissions and sequestration, in particular, looking at camel flatulence and the greenhouse gas effect created by decomposing carcasses.

Hey, wait, hold on a second: these are wild camels. Meaning that this is not the fault of mankind, just nature doing what nature does. Yet, the outcome of the study could cause the camels to be culled, ie, killed because they fart. Their numbers be cut down, due to an irrational belief that CO2, a natural gas that all living animals put out, is going to destroy the planet. What’s next, culling the wildebeest populations in Africa? We’d have to cull the crocodiles, lest they starve. And the zebra’s. And get the picture.

How about if the True Believers just stop driving and taking airplanes? With winter approaching, they can turn their thermostat down to 55 degrees. Hand wash their clothes, dry them on lines. Take two minute showers. Only flush once a day. No hair dryers. Eschew all products made with petroleum (which means the alarmist will pretty much have to go naked. Shiver). Stop watching TV and using the Internet. Come on, alarmists, lead by example.

Meanwhile, Sony and Kyocera have pulled out of being sponsors of the 10:10 project, after that unhinged video. Heck, even the alarmists at 350.0rg want nothing to do with 10:10 now.

Obama has finally broken down from the pressure, and will allow solar panels to be put on the White House roof. Welcome back, Mr. Carter! (I make fun, but, it’s a good idea.)

What was that about all the Big Oil money for Prop 23 (which suspends climate change legislation in California till unemployment gets below 5.5% for 4 straight quarters.)? And even Grist is questioning the reality of globull warming.

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12 Responses to “Are You Ready For A Study On How Camel Poots Affect Climate Change?”

  1. Gayle M says:

    “a massacre is conceivable”

  2. proof says:

    Let me guess…is their slogan, “I’d walk a mile for a Camel”?

  3. indy jones says:

    Fight the decomposing carcasses…serve more camel at green events!

  4. captainfish says:

    OMG, no, we can’t have camels dying in the wilderness. Think of the children!!

    We must cull all wild animals.

    Do it for your children’s future.

  5. John Ryan says:

    Teach camels were introduced to Australia they are considered an invasive species. Reagan removed those solar panels Obama is putting them back between that and CA decriminalizing pot the Ronald must be spinning in his grave.

    • What in the hell are you talking about, John? Are advocating killing all those camels?

      As far as the solar panels, yeah, they were removed while the roof was being repaired. Obama had to be shamed into putting them back up.

      Did you know that Bush put a whole bunch of solar panels up on the White House and surrounding buildings? Look it up.

      As for the drugs, I could care less. But, let me ask you: were you for or against the Arizona illegal immigrant law?

  6. David says:

    What does you post mean? What are you talking about with camels in Aus. They were also introduced into the US and my hero, General Lee, actually formed a cavalry unit with them when he was a capitan in the US army. They are disgusting, smelly animals that should be eliminated.

    You have refereced drugs on several occasions as if this is an issue for conservatives. Many conservatives that I know want legalization of drugs. If I find someone who does not, I can usually change their mind within about 5 minutes. Are you aware that it was Wilson who regulated drugs? He did so in order to control medical care in 1913. It was one aspect of his agenda. The second was to socialize medicine and had the AMA going with the program. But he was stopped. The left has known that ultimate control of our lives is through an inability of an individual to even treat himself and has to go to a government controled doctor.

    As to Reagan and the solar panels, the panels were removed to repair the roof and left off as it was thought to be a silly publicity effort without any real effect on energy consumption.

  7. captainfish says:

    Like most issues, there are two sides.

    While David may know many conservatives who agree with legalizing currently illegal drugs, I don’t know any in my sphere. I for one, do not relish the idea of more drug-crazed idiots out on the roadways.

    John, think on what Carter did for a brief moment. His effort was a pure publicity stunt. How could solar panels installed back in the 1970’s at a current equivalent price of near $60K-$75K have done any good whatsoever? Current panels and their systems today barely break even until 3 decades or later down the road.

    But, leave it to another DEM to once again showboat for publicity sakes when it comes to solar.

    If the DEMS really want to make a difference, they would open up the vast desert and grassland areas of the SW and CA to solar projects. They could even allow a fast-track process. But yet, who are the ones who are opposing these and other windmill projects? DEMS!!!

    Conservatives oppose them on economic grounds.

  8. David says:

    Your concern over drivers is one that is legit. However, it exist now! Eliminating the regulation of drugs will not change the status quo at all. Prior to 1913 we were able to purchase anything we desired. They pushed the issue in 1913 in the same manner they did the alcohol. It has done nothing to effect any amount of drug use. Imagine a world were you did not have to ask the government for the most basic of services. If you have pain, you go and get a drug that helps. You don’t have to wait for a doctor’s appointment or go to the ER. You are the one in charge of your health. As I have said before, many doctors yearn for this.

  9. captainfish says:

    I understand your Libertarian idea, but to me, I understand the hearts of man. Man needs some control. Giving humans, of any age, access to any drug, will do nothing but lead to a degradation of our society.

    And, while your facts of use of illegal drugs since 1913 may be true (I don’t know at all), I can only imagine what today would look like if there weren’t any kind of control over access to now-illegal drugs. To me, our world would be a much worse place to live.

    You envision a world where reasoned people, only go get a drug WHEN they need it for emergency situations.

    I see a world where the only thing people do is go get the drugs. I see MASSIVE addictions to these drugs. I see a MASSIVE ramp-up of overdoses and poisonings.

    I see an increase in violence when supplies run out. I see prices soon skyrocketing shortly thereafter. I see gangs and cartels moving in to fill the niche once again. I see gangs and cartels muscling in on the supply chain in order to keep their sources of income and slaves secure.

    While I also would like to have the increased freedoms that come from the government getting completely out of our lives, I still believe there is a small reason for them to be there – for now at least.

  10. […] Are You Ready For A Study On How Camel Poots Affect Climate Change? […]

  11. captainfish says:

    Teach said “POOTS” teehehehee

    Are these the same kind of animals that love to fling their feces all over themselves in order to attract a mate?

    I think John is right, kill em all. Nasty beasts. Right John?

    Save the world. Kill a Camel. or cow. or moose. or caribou. or human. No distinctions made. Right John?

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