Climate Alarmist Despair That They “Need A New President”

Glenn Hurowitz at Grist is another Liberal tired of defending Obama. If he ever gets a chance to tell Obama about his pain, he’ll probably get an answer about “times being tough” and “understanding his frustration,” followed by some blamestorming, a list of worthless legislation, along with “as I have said,” denoting that Hurowitz should have been paying attention. The standard Obama answer. Environmentalists need a new president

I confess that when I initially heard of it, I thought Bill McKibben’s drive to return solar panels to the White House was essentially a waste of time: of all the things to ask the president, it seemed like the smallest, most insignificant, and easiest. It certainly wouldn’t solve the climate crisis. And it would allow President Obama to cloak himself in a symbolic green action that let him cover a rapidly worsening environmental record.

I realize now that its very simplicity made the solar panels a masterstroke that clearly exposed, more than any big policy ask ever would, President Obama’s unwillingness or inability to confront our great planetary crisis. Because even in this smallest of disappointments, Obama responded in a way that was a caricature of his failure-by-committee administration: sending mid-level officials to tell the greatest American environmental activist of our time that the president was rejecting their request out of hand in favor of a continued “deliberative process.” Huh? It’s a solar panel, not the Afghanistan war strategy. Politico, in the course of its daily “mind-meld” with top White House officials, probably captured the truth behind the White House’s craven response when they wrote that “the White House won’t like the symbolism” of anything associated with Jimmy Carter.

Of course, what Glen means is that climate alarmists need a new president. Unfortunately, almost every real environmental issue has been subsumed under the mantle of global climate OMG WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE disruption. No longer do we push for cleaner vehicles because of smog, carcinogens, and filth, we do it because of CO2. We no longer worry about ocean pollution killing sea life, we worry about CO2 causing coral bleaching (despite coral having survived numerous periods of higher warming over the hundreds of millions of years they have been around). We no longer worry about despeciation due to habitat loss, we worry that CO2 might turn them into zombies or something. OK, make them migrate elsewhere, which has certainly never happened in the history of the Earth, right?

After going on (and on and on and on) about Obama’s problems with helping out with economy destroying AGW rules and legislation, as well as his other non-climahysteric issues, we get

So what to do? As enthralled as environmentalists and progressives once were about Obama’s promise, we cannot ignore that for all his fine rhetoric, his accomodationism and reserve are allowing the planetary crisis to deteriorate and leaving America behind in the race for a clean energy economy. It pains me to say it, but success will require a new president — and that means that after the midterm elections, we need to start looking for a primary challenger who has the heart and soul required to save the planet from catastrophe and rescue American from its economic morass — even as we throw ourselves into grassroots action to do what we can to save the planet despite the president’s interference.

Ouch. But true. In reality, what is needed is a president who actually wants energy independence and clean energy (and by clean energy, I’m not talking about CO2) and will actually push for wise legislation that actually incents the creation, along with nuclear power and digging for our own oil. Too often, Dems push their plans that are more about political payback, which have so many restrictions that nothing actually gets done.

However, I bet Obama is more worried about what the United Nations thinks of his climate alarmist performance (and others) than what the American voters think.

BTW, last winter was the snowiest on record in North America. Some blame it on……can you guess?

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3 Responses to “Climate Alarmist Despair That They “Need A New President””

  1. gitarcarver says:

    We all need a new president as this one has given to allowing regulatory agencies to pass rules that are outside of their scope of influence.

  2. David says:

    Have you noticed the exit of his advisors? Rove is trying to put positive spin on this for some reason, but it sure seems excessive to me. Especially when you take in the number of upper people leaving. I would gues the rats are leaving the ship.

  3. gitarcarver says:

    It might be more than the rats leaving the ship, David.

    This past weekend the Clintons sent out a fund raising letter asking for support for another run at the Presidency. Supposedly, the staff at the White House has a lot of Clinton supporters who are more than disappointed in Obama.

    This is an administration that is imploding as we watch.

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