Obama Finally Spends Day Talking Jobs! OK, Just Kidding

I wonder when that four letter word, J-O-B-S, will actually become job #1

President Obama visited Wednesday with Americans who are benefiting from the new healthcare law as he marked the passage six months ago of the landmark legislation and worked to repulse an escalating Republican attack on the sweeping overhaul.

“When I came into office, obviously we were confronted with an historic crisis,” Obama told a small gathering in the backyard of a Virginia man who suffers from hemophilia and hit a lifetime limit in his health coverage.

But offering a blunt defense of the healthcare law, Obama said he had to do more than confront the nation’s economic woes.

“Healthcare was one of those issues that we could no longer ignore….We said we have to take this on,” he said, citing stories of people going bankrupt because of their medical bills.

Hey, here’s an issue that shouldn’t have been ignored: the economy. Maybe it wouldn’t be in the piss poor shape it’s in if there were real leaders in Washington, people who understood reality.

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One Response to “Obama Finally Spends Day Talking Jobs! OK, Just Kidding”

  1. captainfish says:

    DOH!!! You had me going there for a moment. Whew! Good one.

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