AGW Today: Everybody Panic, Part Lots

I guess the alarmists have to get in all their talking points before winter sets in, especially as they attempt to link cold weather and snow storms to man caused global warming, er, climate change, er global climate disruption, otherwise known as “what the Earth has been doing for billions of years.” Though, that doesn’t roll off the tongue as well as the others

A recent report by a national environmental organization claims that global warming will spawn more extreme weather events such as last March’s rains in New England and big snowstorms like the so-called “Snowmageddon” that paralyzed the mid-Atlantic region last winter.

“This spring’s flooding was just one example of how extreme weather causes big problems for the economy of Massachusetts and for our public safety,” said Emily Fischer, an energy associate with Environment Massachusetts, which produced the report and is a branch of Environment America.

Because the Earth has never had flooding before. Ever. I believe they made the word “flooding” up around 1980 to account for this new phenomena.

The Environment Massachusetts report contains no ground-breaking research of its own but combines the results of recent scientific studies on the effects of climate change and storm activity. The report includes, for example, predictions of fewer but more intense high-category hurricanes. The most dangerous, Category 4 and 5 hurricanes could double in number over the next century, the report says. It also forecasts more frequent heavy downpours and snowfalls, as well as more wildfires and intense heat waves.

OK. Perhaps I should have named this the Prozac Diaries instead of AGW Today. Really, as an environmentalist myself, I wish these groups would spend more time dealing with real environmental issues. Because they beclown themselves and damage the movement, especially when we get

And then we have

Fairbanks faces a roughly 11-degree Fahrenheit temperature increase by 2100 if moderate climate-change models are used, Boone said during a talk Wednesday.

If that happens, the interior no longer will be characterized by permafrost and boreal forests, he said.

Chicken Little is pleased. But,

Climate change falling off public radar, speakers say

My goodness!

Climate change could benefit UK farmers

Remember how it was warmer back during the Global Climate Optiumum, and the Brits were making excellent wines, much to the dismay of the French?

Let’s wrap up with some OMG, WE’RE DOOOOOOOOOOOOMED, shall we?

If we fail, I can imagine a thousand years from now a small fragment of humankind barely surviving the new planetary climate huddled round a fire in some remote northern latitude observing the night sky, subsisting perhaps as hunter-gatherers on a vastly different and biologically depleted planet listening to a tale vaguely recalled in ancestral memory by the local shaman.

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7 Responses to “AGW Today: Everybody Panic, Part Lots”

  1. Otter says:

    The MA. liberal ‘scientists’ are a bit late. LESS storms due, thanks to natural global warming, and EXACTLY as Dr. William Gray predicted 20 years ago.

  2. john says:

    Teach Fema announced yesterday that there were actually 2 tornados to hit NYC a few days ago that brings to 4 the number that hit NYC in the last 3 years. Before that the last one was in 1971. Gee Otter that report sure does have good news. And thanks for posting something that does show that the Earth is warming. I guess the BAD news is that we are going to have to wait beyond our lifetimes to see that benefit.

  3. john says:

    Teach at least YOU agree with the pro science crowd on the age of the earth. Many of the anti science crowd including the top climate change deniers in the US Senate would disagree with you on the age of the Earth

  4. gfchicago says:

    Chicken Little is right.

  5. Otter says:

    ‘lil LIAR johnny ryan is still clueless. We never said that natural warming was not occuring. Natural climate change is ALWAYS occuring. But lying BASTARDS like johnny can’t grasp the obvious.

    btw, you frigging LIAR, NY has been hit with more tornados than you claim.

    October 27, 2003 — An F0 tornado touches down briefly in Staten Island
    October 28, 1995 — An F1 tornado touches down in Staten Island with light damage
    August 10, 1990 — An F0 tornado on Staten Island injures three people
    October 5, 1985 — An F1 tornado in Queens injures six people.
    September 2, 1974 — An F1 tornado moved from Westchester into the Bronx

    And Hey! Climate change scientists- including Holdren, I believe- were talking about the next ICE AGE, when that tornada hit in 1974.

    Suck on that, ‘lil LIAR.

  6. captainfish says:

    And just because people are religious John, does not make them anti-science. Science is only used to explain that which we see around us….. that was created by GOD.

    And just because there are those that believe the Earth warms and cools as part of a natural process, does not mean that they don’t believe in science.

    And just because storm events may not hit an area every single year, or even every single decade, does not mean a new storm is caused by some new external event.

    Oklahoma has been known for the Dust Bowl in the 30s. It has been known for massive amounts of snow as well. It has been known to even have mild temperate weather. If OK were to experience another Dust Bowl, would you and other anti-human alarmists claim that it was man’s use of the carbon cycle that caused it?

    Or would it be just another event that has happened many times throughout history?

    And John, with our “record” being very limited (time-wise, quantity-wise, and quality-wise), don’t you think it is rather chicken-little to start claiming things are “record setting”??

  7. David says:

    We may be closer to an ice age than you think. If these people would look at their own data they would see a marked spike in the global temperature just before every ice age. The transitions seem to be very abrupt from warming back to cooling. I think that may be why they want to get rid of the global warming title.

    Following john’s advice I went and looked at NASA and was intregred by the statements being made. Of course they indicate that any climate change is secondary to human output (I wonder how much their rockets contribute). But then the make predictions. They say in one statement that the increased heat will mean more mosquitos and thus malaria and dengue fever will increase. Then in the next statement they indicate that the increased heat will cause deserts and aird areas. Now that is too completely different pictures. One with too much water, one with too little. They can’t even get their scare tactics right.

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