Climate Hypocrite Prince Charles Says To Follow The Islamic Way

You remember Prince Charles. The guy who speechifies all the time about anthropogenic global warming, saying we all need to change our lifestyles to save Mother Gaia, then flies all over the world in private jets many, many, many, many times. He takes limo’s all the time, drives big gas guzzling cars, takes coal fired trains, eats meat, and basically lives the high CO2 output life. Oh, he does supposedly buy carbon offsets, but, really, they are worthless, and are just feel good measures that allow the climate alarmist big wigs to get away with being massive hypocrites.

His latest is a massive lunacy of dhimmitude

Prince Charles yesterday urged the world to follow Islamic ‘spiritual principles’ in order to protect the environment.

In an hour-long speech, the heir to the throne argued that man’s destruction of the world was contrary to the scriptures of all religions – but particularly those of Islam.

He said the current ‘division’ between man and nature had been caused not just by industrialisation, but also by our attitude to the environment – which goes against the grain of ‘sacred traditions’.

Charles, who is a practising Christian and will become the head of the Church of England when he succeeds to the throne, spoke in depth about his own study of the Koran which, he said, tells its followers that there is ‘no separation between man and nature’ and says we must always live within our environment’s limits.

I wonder if anyone has told Charlie how much CO2 is put in the atmosphere from Islamic homicide attacks? Or, that many Islamic countries are huge suppliers of oil? How about how they take those oil funds and build huge mega cities and buildings? Na, he is probably thrilled with the way so many live like it is still the 15th century.

Doesn’t look like many in the audience were thrilled with his speech.

Prince Charles global warming speech

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3 Responses to “Climate Hypocrite Prince Charles Says To Follow The Islamic Way”

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  2. […] via Climate Hypocrite Prince Charles Says To Follow The Islamic Way » Pirate’s Cove. […]

  3. Trish says:

    Saw this yesterday- and here is my favorite comment-not mine- from the article:

    Crikey. As one who lived 11 years in Saudi Arabia, I know just the sort of white-gloved stewardship of the planet to which he refers. For example, we should follow the example of the Devout Muslim Saddam Hussein, who blew up Kuwait’s oil wells so the resulting fires, which burned for a year, blacked out the sun many days as far south as Dhahran, and left half of Kuwait paved with crude oil.

    And BP is currently following the exceptionally environmentally sensitive decision by Devout Muslim Saddam Hussein, who blew up a pipeline that pumped crude into the Persian Gulf for I don’t know how long, but meant that all the fishermen and shrimpers could not sell catch from the gulf for years. Yes! That is the Islamic way of being Green, and now, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida and Texas may soon be as green as the Saudi flag.

    I was especially impressed with the “don’t worry about throwing it away, the sand will cover it eventually” approach to litter control, garbage collection, and removal of wrecked cars from the side of the road.

    And my trips to the beach were always more fun because of the slaughtered goat carcasses left in a pile or thrown into the gulf. Nothing says Family Day At The Beach like having your toddler bring you a bloody goat mandible.

    The Islamic Way of Garbage Removal made for very scenic scuba diving too – did you know that bed springs and refrigerators thrown into the gulf can be used to start an artificial reef?

    Diving in the Persian Gulf was like diving in a landfill.

    Finally, my eyes always become misty and I feel homesick when I smell a backed-up sewer. It smells like Bahrain, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

    There is NO evidence that Muslims in the Muslim world give a happy cr@p about the environment. What a total idiot.

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