AGW Today: All Dogs Must Be Eaten!

Will Lassie be the next thing on the Climate Alarmists hit list?

The eco-pawprint of a pet dog is twice that of a 4.6-litre Land Cruiser driven 10,000 kilometres a year, researchers have found.

Victoria University professors Brenda and Robert Vale, architects who specialise in sustainable living, say pet owners should swap cats and dogs for creatures they can eat, such as chickens or rabbits, in their provocative new book Time to Eat the Dog: The real guide to sustainable living.

The couple have assessed the carbon emissions created by popular pets, taking into account the ingredients of pet food and the land needed to create them.

“If you have a German shepherd or similar-sized dog, for example, its impact every year is exactly the same as driving a large car around,” Brenda Vale said.

I can’t wait till someone does the same type of study on babies. Maybe liberals would stop breeding, thereby creating a future situation where we will all be left in peace from this wackos. Even cats are not immunu

They found cats have an eco-footprint of 0.15ha – slightly less than a Volkswagen Golf. Hamsters have a footprint of 0.014ha – keeping two of them is equivalent to owning a plasma TV.

I bet bison, pandas, and other animals that the eco’s have tried to reintroduce and increase in population are not AGW friendly. Maybe we should let species die off? Or, hey, maybe we should just wipe out the big animals around the world. Elephants are probably the equivalent of Al Gore’s yacht. A herd of wildebeest certainly put out as much CO2 as Barry does as he jets around the country and world campaigning.

Oh, hey, we could all go cannibal! That would reduce Man’s eco-footprint.

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13 Responses to “AGW Today: All Dogs Must Be Eaten!”

  1. TFMo says:

    I can’t help noticing that, apart from guns, dogs are used for home security quite a bit…have they come out with carbon footprints for a 9 milli?

    “Oh NOES! Do you see how much pollution comes out when you fire that thing?”

    Allow me to pre-emptively suggest this for the AGW crowd…in the same spirit as the idea of eating pets, they should consider eating a bullet.

  2. John Ryan says:

    Oh yes the straw man argument. I guess that is about all that is available to attempt to discredit those who believe that global warming is both real and a danger to humans. And of course publicly disagreeing with institutions like the US Army or the US Navy (both of which believe in global climate change) is something that you will not do. Better to attack those on the fringe……

  3. Capri says:

    You need to make your site accessible to the visually impaired, just because one cannot see a captcha image does not mean one is not human. But it does mean a visually impaired human gets the door slammed in the face when trying to make comments and must get help from someone who can see the word and that is a pain in more ways than one. Anyway, yes, the eco and anti-pet and other misanthropic fundies are always trying to tell us how everything we do is going to cause the end of the world and that anything that ever has, is, or will go seemingly wrong with the universe is always the fault of the human race, and that only they, the eco-freaks have the answers to fixing it all – and that answer is – quash everything and anything that helps other human beings to be happy or even comfortable on earth! If they’re so concerned with “footprints” why don’t they put their money with their mouth and do their part to fix their imaginary problem? – in a way that doesn’t harm the rest of us, of course.

  4. TFMo says:

    I’m confused, John. Are you harping about AGW or actual climate change? There is a difference: AGW is the flawed premise that man is causing massive dangerous changes to the climate, while actual climate change is part of the natural cycle of the planet, which has been occurring long before humans came about, and would be occurring even if we weren’t here. Which are you talking about?

  5. TFMo says:

    William and Capri: there actually is a capcha that offers an audio of the requested phrase. I’ll see if I can find it for ya.

  6. TFMo says:

    Well, that was easier than I thought it would be. offers a free version with audio.

  7. Don’t give the gun haters any ideas, TFMo

    “Doing something” for liberals always means someone else has to “do something,” never themselves, in Liberal World.

    And, I will check out the Captch TFMo found, see if it works just as well if not better than the one I use now (which has never let me down, so far.) I would love to give more folks access.

    On vacation, but, will be back and can check it on Saturday or Sunday.

  8. Hmm, the one I use now, has an update with audio. I have resisted going to a newer version because it has some stuff I don’t like, but, I will update the plugin this weekend.

  9. TFMo says:

    Ah, cool! Enjoy your vacation, buddy! And if you get the chance, check out my new site, JBYP! I’d love some input!

  10. TFMo says:

    And as to the idea of libs eating a bullet, yeah, they’d never do it themselves. And I realize another error in my idea: they wouldn’t be hitting anything vital.

  11. Capri says:

    Thanks. Well, audio works for me – but it still blocks out those using braille displays and the deaf-blind. There is another type of captcha that should’ve been in place to begin with and is sometimes found on sites. Instead of asking you to type a word you see, it asks you a question that you should be able to answer whether you can see or not. For example “Please solve this math problem. What’s 2+6?” Spam bots wouldn’t be able to figure that out. There are others that ask things like “What color is an orange?” Obviously it’s orange, so anyone who isn’t a bot can answer it. But bad examples of this sort of captcha are the ones that still ask you to identify something about an image “What animal in this picture has four legs?” you can’t possibly answer that if you can’t see the image. Back to the subject, I’m sure the misanthropes would try to miss anything vital on themselves, but they would be sure-shots at anyone else. The sick things animal welfare/rights people believe in and the things they do, they are an industry of human abuse, really. And I’ve been descriminated against by animal welfare people who didn’t think I should own a type of animal because of a visual impairment. Other aws just go after anyone based on the faintest distorted ugly tales of “irresponsible ownership” or “animal abuse/neglect” They down one another as well, ever seen how animal “rescues” are always bragging about the animals they got from someone else, and telling others they are the only “real” rescue” while some other outfit calling itself a “rescue” is fake? They’re all fake because simply acquiring animals from a previous owner does not make anyone a “rescue” They will make up and assume the worst about anyone, even based on pictures of pets. For example, once, I posted a pic of a pet in a travel cage (not the regular cage) to a forum, and the aniimal welfare people went nuts! They started scolding me about how she needed to be in a bigger cage, how this species needs to climb etc! Those morons never thought of the possibility this was a TRAVEL CAGE!

  12. I can’t find one that does both audio and math. There is one that looks like this:

    Though, sometimes, they are a nightmare to upload.

    I can also make the words a lot easier. One of the things I like about this Plugin is it is easy to configure, and I can pick words.

    What do you think, Capri? I would love to make the site more accessible.

  13. Capri says:

    Hmmm, I can manage th it, but people who are deaf-blind or use braille displays still couldn’t. There are text only systems that have the equasion typed out in plain text like the rest of the form, “What’s 5+5” and the edit field you just put in the answer. No image involved whatsoever. I’d recommend that for the best accessibility. But am handing it to you for trying this one out, the audio was nice and clear, and it played well. Some of them on other sites fail to do even that.

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