Obama Will Vote Present Till Given Healthcare Legislation

Remember how Obama said he would come out with his own health care plan, prior to his campaign stop in front of Congress a few months ago? Say, where did it go?

The White House will not commit to health care legislation that would cap insurance premiums or tax benefits, taking a wait-and-see approach as congressional negotiators seek a deal, advisers said Sunday.

President Barack Obama will not demand that a final bill include a government-run plan as a way of driving down costs through competition, though that’s his preference, they said.

“There will be compromise. There will be legislation, and it will achieve our goals: helping people who have insurance get more security, more accountability for the insurance industry, helping people who don’t have insurance get insurance they can afford, and lowering the overall cost of the system,” aide David Axelrod said.

In other words, Obama’s got nothin’. He has outsourced all his key promises during the Neverending Campaign to Congress, and this will be no different. However, don’t let Axelrod fool you: whatever Congress puts on his desk, he will sign, no matter how much it raises taxes and hurts middle and lower class Americans.

If they were serious, they would deal with helping those who have issues with getting medical insurance, rather then fucking with the entire country’s insurance plans. But, it’s not about helping people, it is about instituting single payer and controlling Americans.

A 1945 law lets states regulate insurers without federal interference.

Don’t expect that to stop Obama and the Donkeys. Laws are for other people.

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One Response to “Obama Will Vote Present Till Given Healthcare Legislation”

  1. John Ryan says:

    Single payer ? you mean like the VA and Medicare ? Are you against them as socialized medicine ?

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