Right Wing Obama Assassination Pollster Busted!

Remember a few days ago when the Excitable Left was getting all excitable about a Facebook “should Obama be assassinated” poll? Well, the USSS did their investigation, and busted an evil reich winger! Though, shockingly, none of the same folks on the left who were throwing out accusations in an outraged manner have bothered with an update to the story. I wonder why?

The Secret Service announced today that a juvenile was behind the Facebook posting that asked whether President Obama should be assassinated, calling it a prank that would not lead to prosecution.

The agency declined to release the juvenile’s name, age or residence.

Hmmm. As Confederate Yankee points out, it’s kinda hard to listen to Rush Limbaugh from the school cafeteria. Boortz and Beck are on the radio in the morning, Hannity on the radio and Beck on TV during the afternoon, but, maybe the little piker is recording the shows or listening to the podcasts. Or maybe it was a leftist agenda, being that he/she basically spends a good chunk of his/her day listeing to liberals drone on and tell him/her how special they are. I’m surprised he/she could even spell “assassination” if he/she goes to a public school

Secret Service agents — who investigate all potential threats against presidents — spoke with the child and the parents, and determined that there was no intent to harm Obama, agency spokesman Ed Donovan said.

No charges will be filed, since the USSS classified it as a true juvenile mistake. Unlike when adult’s on the left pulled this same stuff with Bush.

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3 Responses to “Right Wing Obama Assassination Pollster Busted!”

  1. John Ryan says:

    I thought the outrage concerned the RESULTS of the poll, not the mere existence of the poll. As for the age indicating right/left leanings take a look at the age of the skinhead movement. There are plenty of young skinners around

  2. Jonathan says:

    I’ve been reading through your site for a while now. It’s pretty obvious you’re nuttier than squirrel shit.

    It’s not that you’re wrong. It’s that you’re petty and mean.

  3. No, John, much of it was simply directed at the supposed Right winger(s) who did the poll. I’ll agree, the poll is disgusting.

    Darn. I was going for evil, Jonathan.

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