Tim Blair Smacks Around Little Green Goofballs

Tim Blair highlights then and now regarding Excitable Chucky

Excitable Chucky gets all excitable and says Tim is cherry picking

Tim Blair updates his post with a triple play of then’s and now’s.

Excitable Chucky’s response, not mentioned in his post? He denies Tim access to Little Green Footballs


You don’t have permission to access this server

At least Sullivan can take it like a big boy. Charles Johnson is more thin skinned then Obama.

For a double shot of Johnson stupidity, he is still denying the danger to Rifqa Bary, and throws in a little Christianity hatred, to boot: “And when asked to pray, she began raving incoherently about “Jesus.” Warning: this is pretty disturbing and creepy stuff,” followed by a video.

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3 Responses to “Tim Blair Smacks Around Little Green Goofballs”

  1. Nice Deb says:

    Christians praying is disturbing and creepy stuff, now? CJ attacks what he doesn’t understand. How sad.

  2. He’s just plain insane.

    He is also dropping fast in Wikio and Alex ranks, and hemorrhaging viewers

  3. Stogie says:

    The only thing disturbing and creepy is Charles Johnson himself. Or maybe I should say “disturbed and creepy.”

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