Hilarious. FEC Goes After Palin, Still Ignoring Obama

Just more proof that the powers that be are scared of Palin, and beholden to left wing causes

Former Gov. Sarah Palin’s political action committee gave excessive contributions to two well-known Republicans and also is facing demands from the federal government for more detailed financial information on a number of fronts.

The deficiencies are highlighted in a five-page letter sent Aug. 19 by a Federal Elections Commission staffer to SarahPAC treasurer Tim Crawford. The FEC wants answers by Sept. 24.

Crawford has already stated that they acknowledged the problems, and fixed them. But, the FEC wants even more, including disclosures on the work people are being paid to do, travel, and fundraising expenses. Meanwhile, the same FEC completely blew off contributions be non-existent people such as “Doodad Pro,” “Goodwill,” and many others, not too mention Mickey Mouse, the offensive line of the Dallas Cowboys (which was fake) and Tony Romo (which was fake.) The Obama campaign refused to release the records, and the FEC never pressed them.

Good Will made over 1,000 donations, totalling $17,375. Doodad Pro gave $19,500. Paging the FEC!

The FEC also, and more worrying, completely blew off the ability of people to make fraudulent donations to the Obama campaign through sloppy credit card acceptance practices, which allowed, yes!! donations from overseas, in violation of federal regulations. And

Surprisingly, the great majority of Obama donors never break the $200 threshold.

In previous elections, a good chunk of donations were above the $200 mark. Calling the FEC.

And, as of July 28th, the Obama campaign has still failed to finish returning $669,000 in tainted contibutions. FEC, please pick up the white phone. No, not red one, the white phone.

Now, I am not saying that PalinPAC shouldn’t be called to account if they did wrong. But, it is interesting that the FEC ignores the obvious illegalities by Obama, as well as other Democrats, and goes after Palin.

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