Birthers Are Clinically Insane(?)

So writes Washington Post editorialist Eugene Robinson, whose August 4th screed in the WP was reprinted in the Raleigh News and Observer today

If there’s been a more clinically insane political phenomenon in my lifetime than the “birthers,” I’ve missed it. Is this what our national discourse has come to? Sheer paranoid fantasy?

Well, yes there has, Eugene. They are called the Truthers. They think the US government, led by George W. Bush, knew about 9/11 ahead of time and did nothing and/or made 9/11 happen. And don’t forget this little tidbit I wrote about on August 2nd, Eugene buuuuuudy

But, then we have that 2007 Rasmussen poll, in which 35% of Democrats believe that the President of the United States knew about the attacks, and 26% aren’t sure, despite years and years of debunking every crazy Twoofer conspiracy theory. Matter of fact, these people are still going strong. Screw Loose Change is still documenting the idiocy of the Twoofers as we approach 8 years since that horrible day. The idiots at 9/11 Truth and other wackadoodle sites are still digging and insane.  They even have a new one, in which Bin Laden and the Taliban worked with the U.S. right up to 9/11. The Democratic Underground’s September 11 forum is still replite with conspiracies. And the Loose Change nuts are still at it, making money off of gullible, stupid, and wacko Democrats (yes, gullible and stupid are rather redundant.)

That’s clinically insane, Eugene. And you have all the other wackadoodle conspiracy theories of the Left

  • Bush stole the 2000 election
  • Bush stole the 2004 election
  • Diebold
  • Bush lied about the WMD and all the stuff associated with this
  • Bush was AWOL
  • Dan Rathers fake documents
  • The Valerie Plame affair
  • Bush is doing cocaine
  • Bush is drinking again
  • Cheney is the actual president
  • Bush planned Iraq before taking office
  • Iraq and Afghanistan are about stealing their oil
  • and all your 9/11 conspiracies, including LILHOP and MILHOP

I’ll certainly agree that there are some in the Birther movement who are way, way, way out there. But, if we want to talk nutso, Eugene, you should look at your own party first.  They were driven insane when Bush legally and Constitutionally won the 2000 election (hey, if your boy, who, yes, I voted for, could have only won his freaking home state…..), and they never looked back.

Say, why not drop Eugene an email letting him know that there is a more clinically insane political phenomenon. [email protected]

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One Response to “Birthers Are Clinically Insane(?)”

  1. John Ryan says:

    Teach of course some on the left are nuts and wackos. The problem with the birthers is that some are Republican Senators and Reps as wekl as Rush who is probably the most powerful Republican in America

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