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Woops! Britney Did It Again!

Seems Brit Brit got a little crazy with some semi-nude photos. The pasties ain’t bringing it lower then an “R.” Could be that she’s trying to gin up some excitement for her coming lip-psynch tour (yeah, link NSFW, photo below has strategically placed duckies)

Envirowackos Love Nature. Somewhere Else

Ye reape what ye sow The dozens of public works officials, municipal engineers, conservation agents and others who crowded into a meeting room here one recent morning needed help. Property in their towns was flooding, they said. Culverts were clogged. Septic tanks were being overwhelmed. “We have a huge problem,” said David Pavlik, an engineer […]

Ah, Those Peaceful, Human Loving Muslims Strike Again

I’m sure there are some moderate ones somewhere, but, still waiting to hear from them. It appears their numbers are about as big as Air America’s audience Militants opened fire on security guards and rushed a small truck packed with explosives through the gates of a five-star hotel in this northwestern city on Friday, detonating […]

Aside: Weekly Standard

Weekly Standard: What Happened While Barack Was ‘Saving and Creating’

Aside: Falling Panda Inside Obama Health Care Meet Up

Falling Panda: My Day At An Obama Health Care Meet Up

Aside: Palin At NRCC

Conservatives For Palin: Were Politico and CNN at the Same Fundraiser?

Repackaging Porkulus-Change Some People Already Believed In

As the country continues to hemorrhage jobs, President Obama, leader of the Party who whined incessantly for 8 years that George Bush would never admit when he was wrong, refuses to admit he was wrong, and, instead, presses the reset button on the Generation Theft Act President Barack Obama assured the nation his recovery plan […]

Amendment To Block Detainee Abuse Photo Release Dropped

Jane “Lieberman-In-Black-Face” Hamsher, web mistress of Firedoglake, gives us the news According to sources on the Hill, the Lieberman-Graham detainee photo suppression amendment is out of the conference report of the supplemental. For everyone who made phone calls — pat yourself on the back. Yes, liberals/progressives/surrender monkeys, pat yourself on the back. Do it every […]

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