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Rebtel Donates 250K Minutes For Iranians To Check On Loved Ones

Well, very cool STOCKHOLM–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Rebtel, the people’s global communications company, today announced it is offering Iranians around the world a quarter of a million minutes of free calling home in support of the non-violent protesters that have taken to the streets over the disputed presidential elections 10 days ago. “No strings attached – just call […]

Obama Signs All About Obama Smoking Bill

Is there anything that isn’t about the Narcissist in Chief? Obama signs anti-smoking bill, cites own struggle President Barack Obama cited his own long struggle to quit the cigarettes he got hooked on as a teenager as he signed the nation’s strongest-ever anti-smoking bill Monday and praised it for providing critically needed protections for kids. […]

AGW Today: Sun Spots And Settled Science

Resisting yet another Obama post (this time, the NY Times gently calls him a liar). It’s difficult. Guy gives a constant stream of copy. So, let’s jump into the realm of global warming hysteria, shall we? First up, the Sun, that big ball of nuclear fire that, according to most Climahysterics, can’t possibly have anything to […]

North Korea Gives Barry Another 3am Call

Will he answer? Or, is it time for another photo-op trip to get a burger with Joe, frozen custard with the kids, or maybe a round of golf? This is what North Korea had to say regarding the U.S. trailing a Nork ship that could possibly be carrying materials banned by a U.N. resolution passed after […]

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