Daily Archives: June 12, 2009

Socialized Hospital Cuts Services To Pay Carbon Tax. Wait, What?

What happens when you mix socialized medicine with AGW idiocy? The Lower Mainland’s health authorities will have to dig more than $4 million a year out of their already stretched budgets to pay B.C.’s carbon tax and offset their carbon footprints. Critics say the payments mean the government’s strategy to fight climate change will further […]

IRS Could Soon Tax Your Company Wireless Device

Yet another case where Obama’s promise not to raise taxes on people making less then $250k, or whatever the level that Joe Biden gaffe’d on is, could soon be broken? Sort of (more on that later) The use of company-issued mobile phones could trigger new federal income taxes on millions of Americans as a “fringe benefit.” […]

U.S. Chamber Of Commerce To Obama: Stop Ruining America

Back on Wednesday, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce announced the launch of a campaign to support free enterprise, being heavily concerned with what the Obama administration and the Democrats, but, mostly the Obama administration, is doing to the free enterprise system. It, unsurprisingly, what with the Compliant Obama Media and all, got very little press exposure, and then, mostly […]

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