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Mary Easley Fired, Ex-Gov Husband Involved In Her Hiring

Getting a little local here, it looks like the Mike and Mary Easley Corruption Show is getting even worse The North Carolina State University Board of Trustees voted Monday to terminate the contract of former first lady Mary Easley. Easley has resisted calls in recent weeks to step down from her $170,000-a-year job at N.C. […]

The 15 Hottest Conservative Women In The New Media

Over at Right Wing News, John Hawkins has The 15 Hottest Conservative Women In The New Media. Along with several others, yours truly was a judge. Go check it out.

Queen Nancy Calls Climate Change A Moral Issue After Trip To China

Does Pelosi have a huge set or is she just lost in a fog of delusional left wing feelings? She has penned a little missive in the San Francisco Chronicle: Climate change game-changer for China relations Climate change is an economic issue, a national security issue, an environmental health issue and a moral issue. It […]

Obama Does Still Want A Government Run Insurance Company

So, what word applies? Socialist? Nationalist? Marxist? Fascist? They all include doctrine where the government is heavily involved in the private sector, sometimes mandating heavily, sometimes taking over, sometimes competing. In this case, Neophytis Obamis pulls out his lyre and tells Congress and the country to dance to his tune President Barack Obama reaffirmed his […]

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