Daily Archives: June 6, 2009

Arnold Thinks Spending Money On Illegals Rocks!

You know, I never understood all those calls years back to amend the Constitution so the Governator could run for president. It was obvious he was a liberal in Republican clothing, and he keeps on proving it Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger says he’s “happy” illegal immigrants get state services and says they’re not to blame for California’s […]

Operations Neptune And Overlord, 65 Years Later

It’s “A Gathering of the Greatest Generation” — though this year only a small group of that era’s aging heroes will commemorate the invasion of France at Normandy 65 years ago. On Saturday afternoon, veterans will attend a National World War II Museum ceremony in New Orleans recognizing soldiers, sailors and airmen who made that […]

And Some Say Teaching 5 Year Olds About A Gay Lifestyle Is Great?

The problem with teaching young kids about sex, including a gay lifestyle, which is also being proposed here in the USA by States, cities, and Los Federales, is that they are too young to understand. Hilarity in this British school did not ensue Pupils as young as five were left ‘confused and worried’ after a school […]

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