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Lobbyists And IOUs

I couldn’t decide which story to post, so, a double shot of silly government goofiness, starting with Turning The Camera Around: Health Care Stakeholders When 22 senators started working over the first health care overhaul bill on June 17, the news cameras were pointed at them — except for NPR’s photographer, who turned his lens […]

Maybe This Should Tell People Something

54% of Americans favor smaller government/less services, up 4 percentage points in one year (full poll here). Certainly, the number has been higher, but, will the trend continue as Independents, moderates, and wishy washy fell for hopeNchange Republicans wake up to the Nanny State progressive agenda of the Democrats? Also in the poll, Republicans need […]

ObamaCare Day Long Infomercial=Fail

OK, I’ll admit, I did not watch, ore really even read, anything during the day Wednesday as ABC News and The White House became one and the same. But, see there were two little problems for Obama and his “I’m not going to do away with private insurance *wink wink*” agenda: Mark Sanford, and ABC […]

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