Obama Signs All About Obama Smoking Bill

Is there anything that isn’t about the Narcissist in Chief?

Obama signs anti-smoking bill, cites own struggle

President Barack Obama cited his own long struggle to quit the cigarettes he got hooked on as a teenager as he signed the nation’s strongest-ever anti-smoking bill Monday and praised it for providing critically needed protections for kids.

“The decades-long effort to protect our children from the harmful effects of tobacco has emerged victorious,” Obama said at a signing ceremony in the White House Rose Garden.

Yes, the decades long struggle to keep people from making their own bad choices. I think Obama should submit to a blood test to see how much nicotine is currently running through his viegns, since it is all about him. And, since it could also be from methods like the patch, how about his credit card reciepts, to see if he is purchasing smokes. And, how about a polygraph of him, Michelle, and the Secret Service agents, asking them if he is smoking himself. You know, since the whole bill seems to be, as usual, All About Obama.

Soon, the polls will reveal that he should get tough on Iran, so, he will probably inject himself into any discussion of the protests.

I’m thinking Sam Vaknin was correct.

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