Cartoon Depicts Christians As Islamiphobes. No Riot Ensues

But, hold on a second, let’s find out why, so, put your shovels and rakes and implements of destruction down (using pitchforks is more of an Obama thing): Cartoon strip aimed at under-12s depicts Christian boy as Islamaphobe thug (full size photo at bottom of post)

A Government-funded charity was at the centre of a row last night after a magazine it publishes for children appeared to depict Christians as Islamaphobes who regard Muslims as terrorists.

In a cartoon strip, a boy wearing a large cross around his neck is shown telling a friend that a smiling Muslim girl in a veil looks like a terrorist.

He later confronts her and shouts: ‘Hey, whatever your name is, what are you hiding under your turban?’

She replies that the garment is called a hijab and it is part of her religion, ‘like that cross you wear’.

The girl is then shown standing up for another boy, who is being  bullied, and her behaviour is  contrasted with that of the boy wearing the cross.

The cartoon story, entitled Standing Up For What You Believe In, appears in the latest issue of Klic!, a quarterly magazine aimed at children in care aged from eight to 12.

Published by the Who Cares? Trust, a charity set up in 1992, it is described on the cover as ‘the best ever mag for kids in care’ and is widely distributed by town halls.

There was no riot? What? No? Come on, it insults Christians. Oh, I get it. Christians and Conservatives just don’t engage in that behavior. We aren’t the kinds of folks who riot at the WTO, riot over a fake story about flushing Koran’s, and we do not riot and declare death threats over cartoons. But, I am surprised, because I thought we were all right wing extremists, hunkering down with our Bibles and guns. I mean, sheesh, look at these cwazy right wing extremists here and here, who just want a call from the GOP. How dare they try to refute the Official Democrat/MoveOn talking point that anyone engaged in criticizing the policies and agenda of Obama and The Donkeys is an extremists, is outside the mainstream, and has Obama Derangement Syndrome!

When I see a wider movement getting angry, truly angry and hateful, over the way Obama walks, talks, looks, dresses – versus what we have now, which is stricly making fun of the way he talks when Secretary Teleprompter is unavailable – and wishing bodily harm to Obama and all those around him, then I will worry that we have become just like the nutters on the Left while Bush was President.

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2 Responses to “Cartoon Depicts Christians As Islamiphobes. No Riot Ensues”

  1. MAS1916 says:

    What? No protest? No beheadings of non-Christians? What is the world coming to?

  2. I know, it’s really weird 😉

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