Today’s “Holy Crap It’s Cold!” News

And you thought it was bad in the upper Midwest? No chance of that!

NAPLES, Fla. (AP) — The chilly weather in southern Florida this week was cold enough to force some iguanas to fall from trees.

Experts say the cold-blooded reptiles go into a deep sleep when the temperature falls into the 40s. Their bodies basically shut off and they lose their grip on the tree

It’s raining Iguanas! Do they make an umbrella for that?

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3 Responses to “Today’s “Holy Crap It’s Cold!” News”

  1. Duncan says:

    More evidence of global… warming? =)) :)) p-(

  2. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    I pray it remains this cold on Inauguration Day in 72 hours… No CHANGE in this weather and the DC crime rate will be reduced 75%, eh matey Blackbeard?
    – KFCC Kentucky Fried Cold Chicken!
    — C-5 Galaxys RULE!!

  3. It’s Climate Change!!! Snicker

    I was hoping there would be a winter storm on Tuesday, looks like it is just going to be really cold. Oh, well.

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