To Be Cool Get An Obama Tattoo

Whatever happened to the good old days when people who got tats gone one that said “Mom” or the name of your husband/wife? Or just a cool design? Maybe something that showed you served in the US Military? This is nothing new, the Cult Of Barry, which is soon to make The Audacity of Hope and Dreams Of My Father to be required reading much as the Scientologists must read Dianetics, has done the tattoo thing before, but it is going even farther with Coronation Day soon upon us: Get an Obama tattoo? Yes, we can

Think that $20 donation to means you’re a die-hard Obama supporter? Think again. True Barack fans carry the new Prez not only in their hearts, but on their skin.

The crew at Fatty’s Custom Tattooz in Washington, D.C., is gearing up for the new administration with “Obamathon.” Starting Friday and running through Inauguration Day, patrons can get a free Obama ’08 tattoo with the purchase of another tat costing $200 or more. And if a chest piece featuring the First Family isn’t fanatical enough, Fatty’s is also offering an “Obama piercing.”

The Daily News has a few more examples of how you can be increase your Barking Obamanut ratio.

And more:

  • The President-elect has literally made an imprint on Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas, who has a tribute to Obama tattooed on the fingers on his left hand. The tattoo reads, “Change we believe in,” with one word on every finger except the thumb, a variation of Obama’s campaign slogan, “Change we can believe in.”
  • Michigan Live: Saginaw’s Samantha R. Cook is willing to suffer for President-elect Barack Obama.The 29-year-old Verizon Wireless sales representative underwent 90 minutes of needle pricks Saturday to put a tattoo of the nation’s 44th, and first African American, president on her upper arm.
  • Even overseas news reports the insanity. The Independent: In Fort Wayne, Indiana, Obama tattoo man, Ryan Hadley, was busy applying Obama tattoos on the waistlines of two teenage girls. Other customers wanted them on their legs, arms and waistlines. “The smallest costs $50 (£35) and one the size of a softball will set you back $600,” he said. “They can always be lasered away but so far they are loving them.”
  • Fox5 In DC: Want to make sure you never forget this historic election and inauguration? One local man decided to put it in ink– on his leg. He got a tattoo of Barack Obama’s face, thanks to folks at Jinx Proof.
  • NPR: Tattoo parlors in the D.C. area are capitalizing on the Inauguration Day hoopla. They’re hoping to bring business in the door by offering specials, including Barack Obama tattoos.

Of course, the tats are almost a minor blip on the radar in comparison to all the other money that Obamanuts have spent. Think of what that money could have meant to the economy? The donations to Left wing groups, to the Barry campaign, to the crazy merchandise the ‘Nuts are buying.

Barack Obama is for sale – on almost everything.

T-shirts, basketballs, calendars, stamps, coins, posters, golf balls, tote bags, money clips, even eyebrow-raising items from hot sauce to thong underwear.

“It’s an almost religious phenomenon,” marketing teacher Tomas Gomez-Arias of St. Mary’s College in Moraga said of the retail craze.

Reminds me of Jim Jones, as he led his people to die. Kool aid reference perfect.

But, don’t you dare call them un-patriotic, despite what they have done to the flag (Michelle Malkin.)

And just to make the day perfect, CNN tracked down a granddaughter of a former slave to tell us how she was “afraid for Obama, because someone might kill him.”

Just because a new presidential era is about to start, that doesn’t mean that the left wing loons will slowly regain their sanity.

Quick update: It gets even more Barrylicious! How about a Barry haircut? Going grey quickly not included.

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29 Responses to “To Be Cool Get An Obama Tattoo”

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  2. Sanddog says:

    The brits have to be laughing their asses off. Here we are, coronating Princess Barack on tuesday.

  3. Will Obamacare cover tattoo removal?

  4. TO COUNTERACT this nonsense, there are anti-Obama stickers on the internet.

    These use the “O” symbol to spell out:




    …and other words!

    PLEASE post these everywhere:

  5. Smith says:

    p-( @ all you bitter convervatives.

  6. Queen1 says:

    Show me a person who gets a tattoo of a politician, and I’ll show you a person who should be denied the franchise.

    Nice site. Got here from Malkin. Come visit the Queendom sometime.

  7. Oh, boy, Princess Barack sounds like a theme for a new photoshop 😀

    ObamaCare will only cover removal of military tattoo’s, since military people will be treated as lepers.

    Oreally? 🙂

    I’d rather be known as bitter then as monumentally deranged and insane as Liberals have been the past 8 years, smith.

    I think the franchise should be based not on age, but mental makeup. One has to be deemed an adult in order to vote. Which would leave approx 87.32% of liberals ineligible to vote. Thanks for coming by, Queen1. Love to add you to the Blogroll, if Blogrolling would ever get their shat together.

  8. Chisco says:

    :)) HAA HAA HAA…..getting an obama tattoo has to be the height of idiocy!

    Just remember, obafools, that when you FINALLY have to go and get a REAL job to pay your tax–, TRIBUTE to the phony ONE, you had best remember that some employers don’t like tattoo’d employees…so place your emblems of idiocy carefully, because you just might have to COVER THEM UP!

    It will be especially delicious if it is proven that obama is a KENYAN-born fellow….(unless you think his paternal grandmother is a LIAR)…still waiting for that birth certificate, BARRY… know, the one you and your well-paid attorneys are so desperately hiding!!!

    Here’s hoping you won’t get BLACKMAILED before you have to show it to the American people FIRST!!

  9. Scott says:

    You gotta love the Obamatards getting tats on their head and everywhere else. Wait six months when his policies put them into unempolyment lines and they can’t afford tainted oeanut butter let alone surgery to remove the tat.

    $150 million for an inauguration when the economy is in a severe depression is a travesty. Could’ve given that money to families of fallen soldiers.


  10. Glenn Cassel AMH1(AW) USN RET says:

    Fer cryin’ in the beer! What will the leftard scumbags who voted for this useless piece of crap come up with next?
    My kids, who are all over the age of 21 have tattoos as do both daughters-in-law. But they know the old Western Cutlery hunting knife will come out if they got one of these.
    My Dad promised the same thing if I got one when I joined the Navy. Besides, I hate needles.

  11. Don L says:

    Why do I feel that we’ve been sucked into a bad segment of the “Twilight Zone?”

    One has often heard situations of mass psychosis and those of us old enough to wonder a the sick minds of the Jonestown cult still stand in awe at the loss of sanity and the irrationality of Obama-worship – but make no mistake, it’s here to stay and Democracy has today proven its own failure. Sadness in the hearts of the insane. How long will the final days of our democratic history last?

    God -the real one- help us!

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  13. C W Crabtree says:

    I wish all the Obama lovers would get one of these tats. They will be eaiser to spot during the revolution.

    • 5kidsnadog says:

      As a mom of 5, I have a habit of returning to the wisdom of Dr. Seuss. Along with Ayn Rand, I think old Ted had some wisdom to share and I can’t help but make the comparison to the story of the Sneetches. At first, it will be a way for other kool-aid drinkers to recognize each other, kind of like a private club. What they won’t realize until it’s too late is that we producers and employers will be able to use it as a way to identify an idiot from 50 feet away (especially if the trend in the art of the forehead tattoo catches on like I’m thinking it will). A capitalist at heart, I think I’ll open a laser tattoo removal parlor just in time for the regret.

  14. Ted says:

    The question is not IF there will be an interdiction of Obama’s Presidency by the Supreme Court, the questions are WHEN and HOW that interdiction will transpire — that is, if the USA is to continue as the Constitutional Republic that now exists.

  15. Rorschach says:

    So just what body part exactly would receive an “Obama piercing”?

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  17. sohio says:

    It’s a tattoo. That’s all. Ink on skin. A tattoo. Get over it…and let people do with their bodies what they want. It’s frankly none of your business….

  18. Baculus says:

    Sheesh, listen to you folks. No, you don’t just sound bitter, but “deranged and insane” as well. We’ve had to listen to decades of right-wing cult of personality worship, with Reagan elevated to a level of a deity and accusations of treason, over the last eight years, for anyone that who’s questioned the Bush administration and its efforts.

    Now, all of a sudden Republicans are concerned about the US as a Constitutional Republic and freaking out before Obama has even been sworn into office?

    Give me a break – what a bunch of hypocritical nincompoopery. The Republican party has often treated this country as its own personal fiefdom during the last two administrations, and none of of their suppporters displayed any concern at all over their actions. In fact, if anything, they cheered these actions, defending them against anyone Who Dared Question the Authorities. Now, we get to see their crocidile tears as they claim that Obama will “ruin the country,” as if the country already isn’t in trouble.

    Let it be a reminder, too, that past Bush inaugurations cost over a $100 million, too, but I doubt if the Right, at that time, had any issues with that price.

    Seriously – the anti-Obama crowd have really become a bit nuts. Sure, some folks are obviously enthusiastic about Obama’s Presidency, but that can’t be any worse then the sheer zealous hatred shown by some conservatives.

  19. Well, as a liberal, you would know deranged and insane.

    As far as Bush’s inauguration’s, notice that the word is plural. His 2 inaugurations do not even come close to matching Obama’s in cost. The media and the left sure had problems with the cost of Bush’s, but, all of a sudden, $150mill+ for Barry is A-OK. Why is that? If the answer doesn’t include hypocrisy, then something is wrong.

    As far as us being nuts, we aren’t the nutters getting tattoo’s of Obama.

  20. beth says:

    Its really sad that ppl like Smith up there laugh and call people who aren’t in lockstep with Obama and the Obamatrons ‘bitter conservatives’ or whatever else. People like Ol’ Smith seem to think this is a competition or a game. You will this time, we will next time.

    Its so childish. They would rather ‘win’ (whatever that means to them) than do what’s best for the country. They seem to think its the Super Bowl and the winning team gets a trophy. This is OUR country. This is a legacy we’ll leave our children to enjoy or have to clean up. Its not about conservatives vs liberals. Its about OUR country and whether or not we want to move towards socialism, have a government full of OPEN, child-like corruption and internal bickering. The do-nothing Congress is now the do-nothing Senate, Congress and White House.

    It won’t be just ‘conservatives’ suffering the consequences of this government – it’ll be all of us. What is it about that you don’t understand? These ‘progressives’ are such children.

  21. arnonerik says:

    I learned to love Reagan when he was president but never would have considered a political tattoo of any kind. Sure it’s your body but there ought to be a law against eye pollution. The rest of us have to look at your foolishness.
    It will be great if Obama lives up to the expectations of his adoring followers. I will be glad for our country if he does.

  22. Obama Fashion…

    Obama fashion is all the rage these days. Its been going on for a while, but intensified after he was actually elected and has continued to snowball as the inauguration gets nearer. See some of the Obama fashion items below, including the famous Obama …

  23. B Smith says:

    (B) Smith. Brian Smith.
    I would like to take this opportunity to attest that I am NOT the “Smith” of previous comment here.
    Also, I would like to see his (her?) p-( , and raise him (or her) a =))
    Four years, baby. Four years.

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  25. jester pennywise says:

    ok wow, you all need to get a life. your wasting your time sitting on bashing each other about who likes obama and a retarded tattoo. i like obama but there is no way in hell ima get him tattooed on me thats just stupid. every1 is making such a big deal about him hes just man nothing more. you all act like we havent had 43 presidents before.

  26. But, Jester, the media and the left anointed him The Messiah. Anyone who gets a tattoo of a politician is plain nuts.

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