George Galloway Chimes In On Gaza

Hey, it’s our old buddy MP George Galloway. You remember him, right? An elected UK government employee knee deep in the Oil For Food scandal, a Saddam lover, the dancing in a leotard, and, quite frankly, just a raving far left moonbat

Protesters are holding a march in Dundee calling for an end to the conflict in Gaza.

The march, organised by Tayside for Justice in Palestine, will be followed by a rally in City Square.

It comes as Respect MP George Galloway has said he intends to lead an aid convoy to Gaza.

Anyone else think the march will degenerate into typical anti-Semetism and violence?

Mr Galloway, who is also running for rector of Edinburgh University, said he intended to lead the aid mission to Gaza shortly after the election, which takes place at the start of February.

He said: “People all over the world have taken to the streets in protest at this barbaric assault on a people whose only crime is that they continue to exist.”  

Hey, I think I read the same thing over at the DU and A.N.S.W.E.R.

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