New Study: Most White People Are Racists

You just may be more racist then you thought, you racist bastiches!

Would you get upset if you witnessed an act of racism?

A new study published Thursday in the journal Science suggests many people unconsciously harbor racist attitudes, even though they see themselves as tolerant and egalitarian.

“This study, and a lot of research in social psychology, suggests that there are still really a lot of negative associations with blacks,” said Kerry Kawakami, associate professor of psychology at York University in Toronto, Ontario, and lead author of the study. “People are willing to tolerate racism and not stand up against it.”

The authors divided 120 non-black participants into the roles of “experiencers” and “forecasters.” The “experiencers” were placed in a room with a white person and a black person, who played out pre-arranged scenarios for the experiment. The scenarios began when the black role-player bumped the white role-player’s knee when leaving the room.

And from this whopping amount of participants, the study was able to determine that most white people are more racist then they actually thought. Say, what happened to other races in this little study? Oops, sorry, forgot, only white people can be racists. My Bad!

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One Response to “New Study: Most White People Are Racists”

  1. Duncan says:

    Well, you know, minorities can’t be racist, because racism is all about POWER, not about prejudice, bigotry, or xenophobia… pretty convenient no?

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