Israeli Airstrike: Hamas Threatens Violence For Attack Because Of Hamas Violence

Ceasefire ends. Hamas lobs missiles. Israeli bombs the crap out of them. Hamas threatens violence. Just another day for the religion of peace

Israeli aircraft launched air attacks across Gaza on Saturday, killing at least 150 people, including the Hamas police chief and other officials, according to Israeli and Palestinian sources.

Palestinian medical sources said 250 people were wounded.

The strikes followed several days of rocket attacks from Gaza into Israel.

A statement from the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said Israeli aircraft attacked “a series of Hamas targets and infrastructure facilities.”

“The Air Force activity came as a result of the continuation of terror activity by Hamas terror organization from the Gaza Strip, and the duration of rocket launching and targeting Israeli civilians,” the IDF statement said.

Hamas immediately threatened violent retaliation against Israel.

Anyone notice that the attacks from Gaza were barely covered by the Credentialed Media? Tiny stories, deep in websites and papers. And, of course, this story tends to focus on how badly the Palestinians were hurt. But, hey, if your out in the wilds and you mess with a bear, you’re going to get hurt. Especially after Rocket kills 2 children after Gaza border reopens.


Hamas police stations were hit, killing many senior police commanders, the reporter said.

Maj. Gen. Tawfeeq Al-Jaber, a senior commander in the Hamas police force, was killed, Palestinian sources said.

Good. Take the little jihadi’s down.

Switching to YNet

Moussa Abu Marzouk, deputy head of Hamas’ Damascus-based political bureau, said his organization would retaliate. “We will defend our women and children by any means necessary. All the options are open,” he said.

Kinda hard to defend them when the terrorists hide behind them, surround their weapons caches with them, etc.

Senior Islamic Jihad figure Khaled el-Bash told Al-Jazeera that the IDF strikes “mean war.”

“Israel has declared an open war on the Palestinian people. This never would have happened had it not been for the Arab states’ silence. We will never surrender in the face of planes and tanks,” he said.

You might not surrender, but you will surely die.

Two interesting DU threads (here and here) to keep an eye on. Some are backing Israel, some are, as usual, backing the terrorists, including this gem

For a country ran by a group of people who demand that the world acknowledge their version of history as to what Nazi Germany did to their ancestors it sure does fly the true flag of the utmost hypocrisy! I think I’ll puke the next time I hear about the poor peoples of Israel. More like the poor people of Palestine! These acts of war crimes perpetrated against Gaza would make Hitler blush and Mengele turn in his grave. The international community should embargo Israel, demand it to pay reconstruction costs and send the leaders who are guilty of planning and ordering the actions accosted towards Gaza to the Hague on charges of crimes against humanity and genocide. Sound familiar?

On another note. Like it’s the Palestinians who were launching “homemade” rockets at Israel. It’s the mossad doing their dirty work, as usual, trying to divert the focus away from the crimes Israel is committing against Gaza and the magnitude of suffering they are causing women, children, and the elderly of Gaza, all with the excuse “hamas is a terrorist faction”. Hamas pales in comparison to Israel for being a terrorist faction. Hamas was democratically elected, for Israel to denounce a legitimate election is another reason for the west to embargo them.


More: It would probably be easy to snark at what appears to be some NY Times bias towards those poor Palestinian terrorists, but, after the headline and the first three paragraphs, looks like the Times has little sympathy

Though Israel had been threatening to end its policy of restraint that saw only limited strikes against rocket launchers and squads in recent days, the timing of the raid came as a surprise to Gazans. It came in mid-morning, when official buildings and security compounds were filled with personnel and children were at school, and not, as many had anticipated, at night.

Expecting some kind of Israeli response, the Hamas leaders in Gaza had already been in hiding for two days.

Poor babies. How dare Israel attack at the wrong time. Notice the leaders were already in hiding, leaving everyone else to be out in the open. Brave folks, those Islamist leaders.

Ed Morrissey:

The world should step aside and quit interfering in the war Hamas so desperately wants and will desperately lose if left to their own devices. As long as Hamas controls Gaza, a state of war exists, and cease-fires do nothing to advance peace, as this year has proven yet again. Tiresome calls for “restraint” don’t work when one side is determined to have war. The best way to resolve this conflict is to allow Hamas to have its war and get utterly crushed by Israel or overthrown by Gazans to avoid that unavoidable conclusion.


Interestingly, what will Obama do if this starts getting more out of control, as has happened many times? He will have his hands full, so, he best be ready, particularly as his base calls for abandoning Israel and even supporting Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and the other Islamist groups in the area. Riggworld asks the same thing.

Others: Jules Crittedon, A Blog For All, Gateway Pundit, Tel-Chai Nation, Little Green Footballs (which has some video)

Woops! Why am I not surprised that the Huffington Post is taking the side of the Palestinians and using a story that is completely bias towards the sides of the terrorists?

There are completely unhinged, nasty nasty comments about Israel. Not that I am surprised, mind you.

More from the Liberal-o-sphere:

Excitable Matt Yglesias is blaming it all on Israel, making them out to be the bad guys.

Crooks and Liars blames it on Bush. Might be time to MoveOn from the BDS, guys.

Firedoglake has a standard hissy fit, taking the “so, Hamas only killed one Israeli” with their continued attacks, so “why be so mean back?” road.

Femeniste:  “This is f*cked up. That’s all I’m going to say. And my thoughts are with the Palestinians living in Gaza.”

Lawyers, Guns, And Money: “I assume most of our readers will (like me) see the Israeli response as disproportionate and also see Hamas’ apparent conviction that this time firing some rockets at civilian targets will achieve political and security goals is roughly as rational as the continuation of the American embargo against Cuba.”

Are you surprised?

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127 Responses to “Israeli Airstrike: Hamas Threatens Violence For Attack Because Of Hamas Violence”

  1. huh says:

    The tender poet walks his streets and waxes poetic:

    “We will not leave our land, we will not raise white flags and we will not kneel except before God,” Ismail Haniyeh said in a letter to the Palestinian people carried by a pro-Hamas website after Israeli air strikes killed 205 in Gaza.

    “There is blood everywhere, there are wounded and martyrs in every house and in every street. Gaza today was decorated by blood … There can be more martyrs and there can be more wounded but Gaza will never be broken and will never surrender,” Haniyeh said.

  2. huh says:

    Death to Israel, the US – of course – and also to everyone else:

    In Lebanon, Hizbullah called for speedy global and U.N. action against Israel. “What is going on in Gaza Strip is an Israeli war crime and represents genocide,” said a Hizbullah statement. It also “calls for speedy U.N. action as well as action by the international community because silence is tantamount to complicity in this aggression,” added the statement.

    “The nations are requested to stand firm against the Israeli barbarism — covered internationally and by America — to halt the ongoing massacre,” the statement said.

    Or we’ll kill you in self defence, godless infidels.

  3. subreen says:

    let’s say two people sitting at the table. The first one is kicking the other person from under the table. This other person begins to scream and explains that their getting kicked from under the table. Of course, the first person denies it and since everyone else did not see the kicking believes the first person. The other person becomes frustated and reacts. In some ways, that is how with Hamas-Gaza and Israeli. The Gaza citizens have been denied from many essential things such as food and medicine, and Israeli are sitting there like “what did we do”, knowing it would eventually make Hamas react desperately even though their desperate reaction didnt cause casulaity till today, and I think it was 1.

    • Aviv says:

      Hamas Propoganda made you think that Israel blocked their food & medicine supply. Not only that this isn’t the case. We supplied them electricity from our power plant near Ashkelon which they bombed as well (weird. isn’t it?)
      What interest do we have to block their supplies? Not only we open passages for supplies, they use it to transfer weapons (Where do you think they have long range missles from?)

  4. Joseph Fattal says:

    How about if we let Iran handle the situation. One big nuclear missile to Israel and its neighbors and the problem solved. The israelis and the palestinians going to fight each other for years to come.They are like dogs and cats, but I can’t tell which one is which. The palestinians were throwing rockets at them.Nothing was done. It came in the news about a week ago, than israel decided to do something about it. They played the media, now they going to play Obama, they will test him.

  5. Michael says:

    At the core of all this is R E L I G I O N…. see what this disease has brought the world, and in particular that region.

  6. JackOfHeart says:

    Those jews have not learned from the Holocausts (if they really existed)! Logically speaking, If the Holocausts were true, jews wouldn’t do such a terrible thing to others, not even to their enemy. But it looks like “the Holocaust” were no more than a tool for jews to get every ones sympathy and still milk the world economically for an event that is still debatable. Jews leached on the most powerful country in the world and jacked their foreign policies in D.C to their advantage. Because of Israel, Iraq was destroyed (to wipe out a long time nemesis of Israel was going to happen eventually0. Bottom line, Israel has no friends!!! and make the worst neigbors. Those in D.C, including BUSH, are working tiredlessly for the sake of Israel at the expense of America and its reputation. Bush granted Israel $30 billion in free money, which is an amount enough to rescue our Auto makers out of their bankrupcy, but who cares, Israel needs it more???!!!! PEACE = Deport Bush to Israel and get foreign interest lobbies out of D.C.

  7. JackOfHeart says:

    It sound like Hitler had a point, and he knew more about jews than most of the western world. Todays event only proves that Israel is the cancer of the world fighting innocent people with all their powers. WHAT WOULD JESUS DO IF HE WAS HERE??? He would hide from the jews, thats for sure! Well anyways, the only treatment for cancer is chemotherapy or Radiotherapy, and there is a good surgeon that might perform the therapy and his name is Dr. AhmadiNijad. With his assistant Dr. Nasrallah. seats will be available for viewing in the near future.

  8. JackOfHeart says:

    I am an American who is wondering; after supporting Israel politically and economically for many many years, would Israel return the favour and offer to help in our economic troubles today? I don’t think so, Israel has no friends!!!! WAKE UP AMERICA!!! Deport Bush to Israel..

  9. JackOfHeart says:

    By the way, this is not a fight between Muslims and jews, in Gaza there are many Christian Gazan families as well who will prey and ask GOD (like everyone else) for revenge against the aggressors(Israel) and those who support them. Yes, jesus is comming and this time, he will “buldoze” Israeli homes into the hell fire. and by the way, Christ people don’t destroy olive grooves and destroy homes on top of their occupants to build illegal settlements! YOU CHILDREN OF PIGS AND MONKIES.

  10. JackOfHeart says:

    Here is a proof that jews OWN America and the western world; In America you can insult the president and insult priests of any religion and you can deney the existance of God, but can you, as an American, deney the Holocausts or insult a jewish organization??? YOU ARE OWNED, AMERICA!!! (Can BUSH invistigate who planted the WMD’s and insisted on invading Iraq? Can you say that D.C is more loyal to Israel than to America…..Hell yeah!!!

  11. JackOfHeart says:

    No, you are the stupid/sympathy-seeking/world deceeving jew pig!

    Israel is the one in power and the one that is still in violation of ALL United Nations resolutions that called for the withdrawal of Israel to the 1967 lines and the halt of settlement building on top of innocents people heads. Its you racist jews that are blockading the Gazan people and preventing Humanitarian aids to enter Gaza. SMELL THE COFFE WITH YOUR BIG JEW NOSE. Let me ask you one more question; who has more enimies, Palestians or Jews? want me to count? Why the fak would you establish an illegal state of Israel in the middle of bunch of people who can’t get along with jews? You know whats the difference between a jew and a pizza? a pizza won’t scream in the oven!!

    • Defender says:

      JackOfHeart, why don’t you come over to my house so that I can put you in my oven, bring over your wife and kids as well, you’ll all scream louder than any Jew has ever screamed in their life! (Don’t forget your parents, brothers and sisters as well. I’ll burn them all till there is nothing left but ashes.)

      Would you make your statement in front of a Jew? You are a coward. You feel you are “safe” by “anonymously” posting comments on the internet. Why don’t you go over to a Jew tomorrow and tell your racist comments to their face?

      The Jews have built up this world. Most of the advances in medicine, science, physics and much more were brought about by Jews. That’s right, there is a mighty big chance that you would not be alive today if not for Jews.

      • subreen says:

        to defender:

        the whole putting you in a oven conversation is unnecessary and no one deserves to be put in an oven. next, muslims do not have a problem facing face to face with jews, its actually the other way around. the israeli have the real hardcore weapons and still are ready to poop in their pants when freedom fighters throw small rocks at them. Im all for a fair game where both sides have equal amount of weapons and fight each other on ground, but everyone in the world knows this would be a lost war for israeli. an example, hisbollah vs. israel. israel embarrassing lost.

        • Pat says:

          Wait a second. If you walk up and challenge a bigger man to a fight and you get your ass whupped, whose fault is that? You poke a dog with a stick til he turns around and bites you, whose fault is that? All this tough talk makes me laugh. First of all, in my days, a fair fight didn’t involve weapons at all. You fought hand to hand. Now, if you’re going to war, then damn right, arm yourself with tha best you can find. I watched that war in 2006, and hezbollah won for two reasons, first, because Israel showed too much restraint, and two, because hezbollah survived! That’s the only reason people say they won. Hezbollah is at least this smart: They pick their spots before they fight Israel. They only fight when they can be the underdogs pushing back the big bad bastards in the south. That’s probably why they took those rockets down and denied putting them there. If they attack Israel now, they’d get tha shit kicked out of em’, cause I tell you, Israel’s in a postion now where they don’t have to hold back. If I’m staring at a crowd of people who keep firing rockets a me, unless the one’s who did it step out and show their face, I’m just going to level that whole crowd and leave it at that. Good thing I’m not the President! Don’t cry cause Israel and America have better weapons. Take off them stupid masks and show your face, man up and go out onto the battlefield, call them out and see who’s standing in the end. Hamas wanted a war, they got it. And by the way, the only thing going in my oven is some macaronni n’ cheese! :/flag

        • subreen says:

          To pat:
          (i do respect you opinion, but this is how I feel)
          you wrote
          “If I’m staring at a crowd of people who keep firing rockets a me, unless the one’s who did it step out and show their face, I’m just going to level that whole crowd and leave it at that.” Although, i am upset of the massacre taking place in Gaza, i would not want revenge on innocent israelis. That’s one of the major differences between me and you. First, im against any cilivans whether palestianians or israelis getting hurt. Little off the subject, I want osama bin laden caught just like everyone else does, but killing afgana and iraqi cilvians does not get you the bad guy. unfortunately, there are still people out their can’t figure that out yet.

        • Pat says:

          No dude, no one wants to see innocent people, especially children, harmed. Unfortunately, in war, that just can’t be avoided sometiimes. Even more unfortunate, in this particular war, the line is blurred so much more. Ask yourself this: What would you do if it was you? There are people in that crowd trying to kill you, but you can’t tell who. They won’t tell you who.But everytime you turn your back, you get shot at again. What would you do man? We all have a choice here. I can do nothing and die, or I can eliminate each percieved threat. Since I can’t tell who is threatening me, I have to think in my best interests and assume they all are, you feel me? How innocent are you if you stand with men waging a war, and you get caught up in it? That’s kind of the way it goes. If I was in that crowd, I would step out and say striaght up,’I shot cha!’ But if I’m going to stand in that crowd, when I know people are shooting at someone, I kinda have to be ready for what comes back, don’t I?Go with honor. I can’t respect people who claim to be warriors, but wear ski masks like bank robbers and hide among their wives and children. Take off the mask, get your brigades together, go out onto the battlefield, and scream,”WHAT’S UP?!” If you’re gonna attack, do it like men. Tell the women and the kids to stay indoors. I’ll just be happy when all this mess is over and done with. I’m no fan of Israel’s, or the Palestinians, or Hezbollah’s, or Iran. Since they can’t seem to talk like adults, like rational people, maybe they’ll just bury each other so we don’t have to hear about it anymore. It might help our opinions of the Palestinians if they weren’t burning our flags and wishing death to us though!

  12. kc says:

    Screw Israel and their Holocaust perpetuating government. How can the VICTIMS perpetuate yet another HOLOCAUST?!?! We AMERICANS are Fu-c k i n g sick and tired of financing the 14th largest country by GDP. So get ready. WE are a bankrupt nation and WE the PEOPLE of the USA are going to end the sugar daddy arrangement you have enjoyed for so long. And BTW, I love seeing all the Jewish philanthropic groups getting burned by Bernie Maddoff. If they are funneling $$$ to groups that fund settlements in the occupied territories, then they got what they deserved!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Hitobito says:

    If the Hamas continues to violate the ceasefire by firing hundreds of rockets into Israel which is clearly an act of aggression, then they must live with the consequences. The Hamas must be a bunch of dumb cowards. They authorize the rocket attacks and then run and hide. If the Hamas continues to attack Israel, the solution is to completely neutralize them. This problem will not be solved by negotiation. Jihadists have no tolerance for infidels.

  14. Joseph Fattal says:

    The israeli are there to stay in Gaza until the president-elect Obama make a statement. But since he said “one president at a time” They will stay in Gaza until Mr. Obama takes office, then take a statement from him. A new administration means more money, and more weapons, because those helpless souls are in deep trouble, financially, and militarly. That move in Gaza is purely political. Few rockets accross the border into israel doesn’t take an invasion, air strick with the most sophisticated weaponary. Its a test for the new administration.And the US consider Israel and ally. So Israel is using the US, what the US needs Israel for? What is their purpose except creating trouble in that part of the world. I have another question. If it is truth that Hamas is launching rockets into israel, how come we don’t see the devastation on TV in Israel. What I see on TV building burning, bodies on the ground, kids running the street crying, women, men with their face covered with blood. But we don’t see nothing coming from Israel, when they accusing them of launching rockets. I personnaly think Israel need to be gone, maybe that Iranian president had the wright idea about Israel.

  15. TheFox says:

    Joseph Fattal: So you think the Iranian President had the right idea? Israel is there right in front of him. Whats stopping the Iranian President from wiping them out? Talks cheap. Talks easy. Action, now that’s something else altogether. How many are there about four and a half billion rag heads in the world? What is there, a handful of Jews in the State of Israel. There must be a million rag heads for every Jew in Israel. I have never heard of a bigger mismatch. Even Custer was only outnumbered about 20 to 1. Custer lasted about 20 minutes. How is it that Israel even exists. There is no logical way Israel could exit. But, it does. After more than 2000 years the Jews returned to the promised land. So it was written in the Bible; so shall it be. A force that we cannot comprehend put it there as a buffer. A buffer between Civilization and Barbarism. A million to one odds cannot remove it.

  16. john says:

    I will go quickly, you heard most of it before but not together. First, 4000 years ago, the Jews were majority in Israel. Then various nations invaded the land. Then the Romans invaded and changed the name to Palestine. Then the British took Palestine from Turks, which had area of 100,000 km sq. This is a lesson in math. At that time, in Palestine both Jews and Arabs were living pretty much mixed. Then the British (an otherwise fine nation) decided to split Palestine to allow the Jews and Arabs to live in separate countries. They subtracted 75,000 km sq, gave it to Arabs, and called it Trans-Jordan. One would think that giving the Arabs 75% would make them happy, but one would be wrong. One might even argue that fair amount would be 50% to Arabs and 50% to Jews, but that did not happen. Then, state of Israel risen in the remaining 25% (25,000 km sq). I hope that I made my point, but let’s go on. Unfortunately the militant Arabs now want to get 100% of Israel. (Isn’t it greedy and disgusting after getting 75% of Palestine.) See PLO, Hammas, Hizballah, and Islamic Jihad charters about the plans throwing the Jews into the sea (read killing several million people old men and young men and babies). But there is another group of Arabs, the less militant Arabs, are nicer, they want now only West Bank and Gaza, and there is no guarantee how they will use the land – maybe as base for rocket launchers, or possibly for building a nuclear bomb in the future. And there is a third category of Palestinians. There is a minority of Palestinians that wants to live peacefully side-by-side with Israel. (We do know that Israel would be willing to give Palestinian West Bank (in 1966 Jordan territory) and Gaza (in 1966 Egyptian territory) to have a state provided they stop shooting – but so far they did not stop. You go and re-read the news where Palestinian militants attack civilians and children in a schoolyard (May 9, 2008). (Imagine Canadian terrorists go to Buffalo and shoot nine-year old kids in a school yard.) The reason why we know the peaceful Palestinians are minority is because there are no strong voices in the Gaza and West Bank newspapers criticizing terrorist acts. There was no big/medium/small/tiny demonstration in Gaza protesting the terrorist killing students in Jerusalem. Therefore it makes sense for Israel to wait until the Palestinians mature and stop shooting and start talking, at which time they would get a country and everybody would be happy.
    Conclusion: If the World wants to get involved before Palestinians mature, here is what they can do. I think it would be an interference in internal affairs of Palestinians if the World tried to force the Palestinians to change their ways before its time. But one thing World can do is this: The World can place its children around Israel, and they will stop any terrorists by talking with them.

  17. jessi says:

    Actually somebody here gave me an idea.
    It is based on the doNotCallList in US
    where you indicate to Telemarketers that
    you do not want to be part of their business.

    How about to create two secure web lists in Switzerland.
    Secure so Hamas can’t get at them.
    The people of Gaza who do not want to support Hamas would register on
    notTerrorist list.
    The people of Gaza who support Hamas would register on
    yesTerrorist list.

    Then a third party would report how many people are on each list.
    Then the Palestine would have two states, WestBank (for notTerrorist) and Gaza (for yesTerrorist).
    I think this would solve any future problems, people who are not terrorists would not be bombed; people who support Hamas would get their wish.

  18. TheFox says:

    Susu: Israel IS the Victim here. You don’t seem to understand that when you shoot rockets and, mortars into your neighbors yard you are trying to kill your neighbor. They have every right indeed they have a duty to their family to walk next door and, kill you to protect their family from you. I don’t know what could be easier to understand than that. Stop trying to kill your neighbor and, they will not kill you. That’s all there is to it. Stop trying to kill your neighbor.

  19. Roger says:

    Can someone explain something to me. Why is that Americans are the only those in the world who support Israel? Isn’t that because virtually all mainstream media in the US are singing the propaganda song for Israel? Isn’t that because virtually all politicians in the US pledged allegiance to Israel? Why the Europe for instance can stay independent where everyone is entitled to their own opinion? Isn’t that because Americans are the most ignorant people in the world? Sure, Israel attacked Gaza because Hamas keeps firing rockets into Israel? But why on earth no one in the US is asking why Hamas is doing that?

  20. […] Israeli Airstrike: Hamas Threatens Violence For Attack Because Of … […]

  21. mohammad haider says:

    all the muslim country rulers are impotent they use their power only on bed. they all are useless coward bastard.

    muslims are deing and the are watching TV
    i appeal to the muslim people first kill those bastard.

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