Plum Island Disappearing Because Of…..

Wait for it, wait for it

The race on Plum Island to save coastal homes from toppling into the Atlantic Ocean is intensifying and residents are scrambling to prepare for the worst.

“I have moved some valuables out of the house just to be safe,” said Robert Slepoy, 23, who rents a beach house on Northern Boulevard. “It definitely is a problem with the global climate change. It really is changing the landscape down here.”

Erosion concerns in Plum Island have greatly increased in the wake of resident Geri Buzzotta losing her home. Buzzotta’s Northern Boulevard home was demolished on Thanksgiving eve after erosion caused several support beams to collapse.

Ah. It can only be “climate change.” Couldn’t have anything to do with it being an island subjected to the force of the northern Atlantic Ocean and the currents, including the Labrador current, which has been moving the sand of the island for lord knows how long.

I wonder if it was “climate change” when a tornado hit the island in 1808? Remember, this is Massachusetts, which doesn’t get many tornado’s. Or how about when the shifting sands left sever lighthouses too far inland to be effective in the 1870’s. I mean, how many times are we going to have to save Plum Island from erosion?

Tip for people who live near the ocean: erosion happens. It’s natural. Get over it.

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2 Responses to “Plum Island Disappearing Because Of…..”

  1. Snapped Shot says:

    Hundred-Year-Old Phenomenon: Must Be Global Warming!…

    Nevermind the fact that coastal islands have always ebbed with the tides, taking land and homes alike off into the sea for as long as we’ve lived on coastal islands. Heck, I can remember reading about it in the encyclopedia way back in the protozoic …

  2. Jim Bronke says:

    I guess if William Teach thinks that global warming is a fabricated phenomenon. He should buy some property along the coast or, how about NYC?

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