Here We Go: Islamic Surfboards

Like, gnarly, dude!

An Australian artist has produced a range of Islamic surfboards in an attempt to create a greater understanding between East and West.

Phillip George was inspired by his trips to the Middle East and by riots in 2005 when Lebanese Australians were targeted on a beach in Sydney.

He has called the range the Inshallah – or God Willing – surfboards and has put them on exhibition in Sydney.

There are 30 surfboards in all, each adorned with intricate Islamic motifs.

Mr George hopes that the Inshallah surfboards can help bridge cultural and religious misunderstandings within Australia.

I wonder if Muslims will get ticked off because one needs to put wax over the designs, plus lots of surfers (like me) use traction kits, particularly on the back (which were a God send for anyone whose back foot slipped and hit the leash knot. Damn!!!!! but I can still remember that pain!)

Anyhow, they are actually pretty cool. I prefer something a little more toned down, though.

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3 Responses to “Here We Go: Islamic Surfboards”

  1. Hi guys

    just remember the surfboards are in an art gallery and the ones with the text would never be used in the water – they remain art work

    kind regards


  2. Bummer. Gotta use ’em! I meant it about them being cool.

  3. They are definitely cool, Phillip. Gotta get them in the water, though.

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