Your Governments Schools In Action….Actually, This Sorta Makes Sense

When I first caught the brief news blurb on this story, it made me think of the Nanny State and how they force involvement. Second thought, maybe this isn’t too bad

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — An Indianapolis elementary school treats parental involvement just like homework – and if a student’s parents fail to meet strict expectations, their child can be shipped to another school.

Indianapolis Public School 57, the city’s only so-called “fundamental school,” requires parents to sign their children’s homework every day, volunteer at the school and respond to teachers’ calls or notes within 24 hours.

Teachers sign similar agreements, and the school’s 210 students have strict rules, too, The Indianapolis Star reported. If students don’t turn in homework for several days, for example, they can earn enough demerits to kick them out of the school.

Students living in several east side neighborhoods are automatically assigned to School 57, but those who don’t agree with the rules can transfer to another school with no questions asked.

Parents having to be be involved with their children’s schooling if they want their kids to stay in the school? Homework has to be turned in? Excellent! On the flip side, it says something about our education system and many parents that they have to be forced to be involved with their kids’ education, eh?

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