More About Those Wacky, Violent, Assaultive Illegals

I thought they were here for a better life?

An illegal immigrant who was deported in 2007 after serving time for an attempted-rape conviction in Nebraska returned to the United States earlier this year only to assault two men in Alexandria on separate occasions.

Jolman Antonio Garcia, 30, of Esperanza, Honduras, was placed in federal custody on Nov. 12, two weeks after he was sentenced to nearly two years in prison by an Alexandria judge.

Hey, let’s give him amnesty! And more peace

A Border Patrol agent assigned to the Yuma Sector’s Yuma Station was assaulted while arresting an admitted gang member Sunday morning.

At about 2 a.m., two Border Patrol agents encountered three illegal aliens who had earlier illegally entered the U.S. along the northern Colorado River area on the corner of 16th Street and Redondo Drive. The first agent apprehended two of the subjects while the third ran away in an effort to evade arrest.

The second Border Patrol agent pursued the illegal alien on foot for about 60 yards before he caught up to the alien and attempted to arrest him. While trying to affect the arrest, the alien became combative with the agent, causing both to fall to the ground. Due to the impact, the agent dislocated his shoulder but was still able to gain control of the illegal alien until another agent arrived on scene to handcuff the individual.

Snark on. How dare that Border Agent try and arrest an illegal! It must be his own darned fault for getting assualted! Snark off.

Oh, and a little hint for Queen Nancy, Dingy Harry, and President Elect Neophyte, from a post election Zogby poll

60% of voters said reducing illegal immigration and cracking down on employers who hire them is important to them, while only 21% supported “legalizing or creating a pathway to citizenship” for illegal aliens. 

57% of voters stated that amnesty would harm American workers and further strain public resources, while only 26% believe amnesty would aid economic recovery and ease public burdens.

Will the shamnesty folks, which, yes, includes John McCain and many other Republicans, listen?

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2 Responses to “More About Those Wacky, Violent, Assaultive Illegals”

  1. Maggie Mama says:

    Only 60% ? ? ? Can you imagine what that number would be if the MSM reported in their stories criminals who happened to be ILLEGALS … usually we hear a Spanish-sounding name with no further ID.

    They are intentionally covering up for these offenders.

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