Oh, Those Wacky Religion of Peacers!

First, they call Obama a house negro, then they have to get all jiggy on the whole “peace” thang, in a letter sent to a Christian bishop in Iraq

(CNA) “There’ll be no room in Iraq for the Christian infidels from now on,” the letter continues, threatening that those who remain will have their throats slit as “it is happening to the Christians of Mosul.” This is more than likely a reference to a recent attack on two sisters who were killed by Muslim extremists.

Peace! Maybe they are going in for the whole “change” rhetoric. Na, just business as usual for the RoP.

Via Doctor Bulldog and Ronin, through The Jawa Report.

PS, I was looking to post some funny comments from the Democratic Underground regarding the Obama being called a house negro by Ayman al-Zawahiri, but, decided not to. If you want, you can check out here, here, here, and here. These are the same DUmmies who laughed about Condi and Colin Powell being called the same or worse, loved many of the cartoons by Pat Oliphant and Ted Rall that said the same, blame the US for terrorism, but are now incensed about this scurrilous, racist speech by al Qaida’s #2, who is unknown by quite a few of these supposedly politically smart DUmmies.

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One Response to “Oh, Those Wacky Religion of Peacers!”

  1. manbearpig says:

    Remember Biden saying that Barry-O would be tested? I am going out on a limb here and predict that the US gets hit, either domesticly or some interest (such as an embassy) abroad within three months of O’s inauguration.

    On a related note, look for Israel to go on the offensive against Iran either just before ‘O’ takes office or right after. Israel knows they can’t count on Barry as an ally, so they may hit Iran in early January, OR, right after Barry takes the oath of office, knowing that Barry can’t afford to show weakness at the beginning of his administration. This may be what Biden was referring to when he said that America may not like their response (leaving Israel twisting in the wind).

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