Illegals Today: Rapists And Supreme Court On Identity Theft

Just raping Americans that Americans won’t

Auburn Police say an illegal alien living in the city has been charged with rape.

Arturo Lorenzo Juan Bautista, 31, of Maple Street, a native of Guatemala has been charged with first degree rape.

How soon till the pro-illegal supporters trot out their old “but, Americans rape people too!” argument?

And, for SCOTUS

Federal prosecutors pursuing illegal immigrants have a favorite tool: a 2004 law that imposes a mandatory two-year prison sentence on some people who commit identity fraud. The Supreme Court on Monday agreed to decide just how blunt that instrument is.

The question in the case, one that has divided the federal appeals courts, is whether workers who use false Social Security and alien registration numbers must know that they belong to a real person to be subject to a two-year sentence extension for “aggravated identity theft.” Put another way: Is it identity theft to pick nine random numbers out of the air and submit them as a Social Security number if that number turns out to belong to a real person?

In the case the court agreed to hear on Monday, Ignacio Flores-Figueroa, a Mexican citizen, used a counterfeit Social Security card bearing his real name and a false Social Security number to get work at a steel plant in East Moline, Ill. Though he did not know it, the number belonged to a real person, a minor.

It should be interesting to see which way the SCOTUS rules. What it sounds like is that a new law needs to be written that covers those who just make it up without necessarily knowing that a real person is attached to the Social Security number and/or where there is no proof of whether the person, who is usually going to be an illegal alien, knew that the SS was attached to a real person.

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