Obama’s Pie Story, Plus Barry Tax Calculator

Anyone else listen to Obama’s speech from Roanoke, Virginia? What the heck is with the pie stories he has been telling lately? He loves sweet potato pie? Is this how he is trying to integrate himself with the bitter guns and God clingers?

Memba this from a few days ago?

As far as the Barry tax calculator, is a check sent by Los Federales (good luck getting that passed by Queen Nancy and Harry Reid, Barry) a tax cut, or a welfare check?

According to it, he will save me $1,018 in taxes. No. He will give me $1K, and, quite frankly, I make way more then $18 in interest, and could make even more if I was allowed to keep more of the money I earn and invest it.

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4 Responses to “Obama’s Pie Story, Plus Barry Tax Calculator”

  1. Stacy says:

    That’s funny, I did that tax calculator thing today, and we fall under that $250K, it still said we won’t be seeing a tax cut.

  2. Personally, I am looking forward to That One’s economic plans, because it means we will all be able to become beach bums, because there will be no work and no money left 😉

  3. Duncan says:

    I get to save 1800 bucks!!! Better not ever look forward to making more than 250,000 bucks though… just stay down here in the “middle class” and not look forward to being “rich”, otherwise I’ll just have to spread my wealth around….

  4. $1,800? That is too much. The One will have to have the IRS pay a visit to you.

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