Grey Lady Still Pushing Race Meme, With PDS

And is nice enough to position the people in Flyover state West Virginia as complete racists. Perhaps they should turn to the senior Senator from West Virginia for his opinion (NY Times)

Senator Barack Obama lost the Ohio Democratic primary by 10 percentage points and the West Virginia primary by a whopping 40 points last spring — a sign, to some Democrats and political analysts, that many whites in the Rust Belt would not vote for a black man for president.

I’m still waiting for the article that states that the 90% of Blacks who are going to vote for Obama are racist, because they won’t consider voting for a White man.  But, this is the Democrat playbook when a minority or woman is running, bring up racism or sexism. Democrats will do anything to cover up and avoid a conversation on the real agenda and political background of their candidates. They’ve painted Obama as some sort of centrist, and people are buying the kool aid. If you try and bring his real background and agenda up, you are a racist, as has been documented time and time again.

Yet here was Gov. Sarah Palin, the Republican vice-presidential nominee, on Sunday, taking a bus tour along the Ohio-West Virginia border — a white, economically depressed region where the Republican ticket, it turns out, is now struggling to prevail. And on a weekend when racial issues flared once more in the presidential campaign, race was also on the minds of many voters here, who said they were wary of a black president even if he might be better for them economically.

“What you hear around here is, would you rather have a black friend in the White House, or a white enemy?” said John Schuster, a Republican from Wheeling, W.Va., who joined several thousand people here for a twilight rally led by Ms. Palin.

Do you like how they linked SarahCuda in with supposed racism, and a quote?

Anyhow, the story continues on and on and on, racism racism racism, those evil Republicans, blah blah blah. Can’t criticise That One, you know.

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