AGW Today: Veggies, EU Coordination, Malaria

You know what is one of the real costs of global warming, or, should I write, attempted fixes to AGW? More problems for poor people. Case in point

Eating less meat can help rich nations to combat global warming but may not work for poor countries where people depend on livestock for survival, a leading expert said on Wednesday.

U.N. reports show that the livestock sector accounts for about 18 percent of greenhouse gas emissions blamed for global warming — more than the transport industry. Eating less beef, pork or chicken is often advocated as a way to cut emissions.

So, once again the poor get hosed. As the Church Of Gore pushes to reduce power, reduce travelling, reduce, well, everything, Climahysteria creates more problems for the poor around the world. Bad enough governments around the world give the poor countries ultimatums about using the miracle known as DDT, but, now the climahysterics want to drag these countries back to the stone age. Hey, people like Gore gots theirs, they aren’t worried.

BTW, notice that the article doesn’t mention that the greenhouse gas is not CO2, but methane. Also notice that there is not mention that plants also put out methane. Double also notice that as idiots push corn ethanol, less space would be available for growing veggies, even as some is freed up from livestock usage.

Oh, and speaking of the Goracle, he is out there proposing civil disobedience against coal fired plants.

As far as working with the EU

The next U.S. president should coordinate carefully with Europe on economic policies over the long term in response to the crisis sweeping global financial markets, the head of the European Commission said on Wednesday.

In a speech at Harvard University, Jose Manuel Barroso also urged the United States to work with Europe to bring new emerging powers into the world’s top institutions to tackle challenges such as climate change, terrorism and trade.

He called on the United States to eschew protectionism, isolation and economic nationalism, and to join the European Union in pursuing an Atlantic Agenda for Globalisation.

First of all, the United States has seen a greater reduction in CO2 output then the EU countries, all which have signed the Kyoto Protocol. Second, we do not want to get caught up in treaties that reduce the scope of our economy, like the EU has, what with their reduced GDP and high unemployment.

As far as the politics goes, the Democrats constantly call for penalties on companies that move jobs overseas. Obama is one of them. So, he would have to be against an Atlantic Agenda for Globalism, right?

Did I mention DDT earlier? I believe I did. From India

You may know all about the link between lost kingdoms and horseshoe nails without ever having anticipated this connection. And it isn’t something out of Ripley’s. No less a person than Kolkata’s mayor has blamed the city’s ever multiplying number of mosquitoes on ~ hold your breath ~ global warming!

Yes, mayor Mr Bikash Ranjan Bhattacharyya claimed today that global warming is one of the reasons for rise in mosquito breeding thereby leading to increase in incidents of malaria in the city.

He said the Kolkata Municipal Corporation’s (KMC) problems have been coupled with mosquitoes becoming resistant to the chloroquine drug.

But, that never happened when DDT was used to save millions of lives every year. It’s not like Malaria hasn’t been around since the dawn of time or anything. But, I guess it was never warm in the 30 million years or so that it has been around.


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