US News Writer Losing Mind And Civility

Yesterday I asked if there was anything that could be said about Barry that would not be considered racist (calling him Barry is probably racist, ya know.) Even Barry helped yesterday with his own playing of the racist card.

We have also seen the disintigration and”yup, I’m going insane!” of writers at many news sources and magazines since the pick of Sarah Palin (damn, she really does scare the living hell out of liberals/progressives/elitist surrender monkeys, eh?) Now, witness John Aloysius Farrall (elitist name) at US News and World Report – which has its own circulation and layoff of reporters issues– use the term redneck in a derogatory manner

The Republicans Think We’re Redneck Dolts

Well, I’ve listened to three days of speeches from St. Paul, and I’ve never heard such condescending rhetoric.

The Republicans must think we are redneck dolts.

“Redneck dolts.” Rather uncivil language, eh? Matter of fact, this is more like some sort racial epithat. Sure, we use the term down her in the South, and, we do not mind it being used for fun. Quite frankly, the Rednecks keep the elitists in their San Fran mansions fed. But, to use it in this manner is like calling an African America and n*gger.

So, as I asked in the comments, and emailed to the editor of rag, why is it OK to use redneck in such a derogatory manner, one completely equivalent to the use of the N word? Heck, it wasn’t even OK to refer to some college ladies as water buffalo’s. I still haven’t heard back from Useless News and World Report yet, and John doesn’t have the cajones to answer my comment. No surprise there.

Definitely read the rest, as it competely encapsulates the true feelings of the Left, who say they aren’t elitists, but are. For the left, the meaning of elitist is not that they truly are, but that they feel they are better then everyone else, especially those Rubes and hicks in flyover country.

Of course, any response from John would probably come in1 of 3 flavors: I’m gay, I must be a Bible thumper, or I must be a neocon.

PS: For the liberal media, and the Barry Camp, who keep saying that Palin’s speech was negative, and Barry’s wasn’t (hint to the cluebats in the media: Barry is running for Pres, Palin for VP), Jim Lindgren at The Volokh Conspiracy breaks down The One’s Speech.

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