AGW Today: Drinking The Kool Aid In Marin County

If one is going to sit for an article such as this, one is open to criticism and derision: SF Gate – Carleen Cullen fights global warming

In her 20s, Carleen Cullen launched a successful medical and scientific software company in Manhattan called Ovid Technologies, which grew into a global company with 125 employees and enabled her to retire.

Good for her!

Cullen and her husband, Jeff, settled in Marin County to raise their two children and to lead a quiet life away from the bustle of Manhattan. But the couple’s lives changed forever after they saw Al Gore’s documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” in 2006.

Two things: it is not a documentary, as it is so replete with errors, lies, and bullshit. The British schools have to include warning labels, by lawsuit, when forcing children to watch it. 2nd, Jeff probably just wants a cheeseburger.

“We’d been peripherally aware of climate change, but not involved at all,” said Cullen. “Like a lot of people, I walked out feeling pretty depressed about the future.”

And then reality went downhill

Cullen spent the summer of 2006 reading every book she could on the problem of climate change and poring through scientific databases. She discovered overwhelming evidence that the climate was changing in a dangerous way. Clearly, something needed to be done.

Clearly. Off course, it appears that she only read the Kool Aid version of climate change, which blames Man mostly or solely for what has been a mostly natural process.

In 2007, Cullen launched Cool the Earth, a program designed to educate children and their families about climate change through taking action, at Bacich Elementary School in Kentfield.

There you go: educate. Not take action, but educate. Tell others to change their friggin’ light bulbs. Indoctrination

“The program kicks off with a schoolwide assembly, ” said Cullen, who writes the scripts. One includes a polar bear talking to its kids about how their habitat is damaged. “It’s all done in a very fun way. Then Mr. Carbon comes out, and he is the villain who drives everywhere, makes garbage and uses old-fashioned lights.”

Then the cute cuddly wuddly polar bear sneaks up on the climahysterics invading its territory and eats them. Huh? The kids aren’t told that?

Actually, I think I need to get in on this gig. I could talk the talk about climahysteria and make some $$$ off of some gullible lefites. What do you think? Like Cool The Earth, I could brainwash kids to change their lightbulbs.

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