Ships Putting Out Massive CO2

Your daily climate change hysteria

Global emissions of carbon dioxide from shipping are twice the level of aviation, one of the maritime industry’s key bodies has said.

A report prepared by Intertanko, which represents the majority of the world’s tanker operators, says emissions have risen sharply in the past six years.

Previous International Maritime Organisation estimates suggested levels were comparable with those of planes.

Some 90,000 ships from tankers to small freighters ply the world’s oceans.

And…………? So what? Notice, though, that they really are blaming the last six years, which means……Bush is at fault. So what do we do?

While there are few accurate measures and even fewer restrictions on the amounts of carbon dioxide that ships can emit at present, governments in many parts of the world are considering a clampdown as part of their efforts to tackle global warming.

So, there are few accurate measures, but, government should interfere with private business and lower international trade. Great ideas!!!!! Simply to deal with something that has occured throughout history, and is mostly natural.

And before someone says it, it is up to the climate change as caused by Man hysterics to prove their “hypothesis” that Man is the majority cause, as opposed to billions of years of Earth’s history.

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4 Responses to “Ships Putting Out Massive CO2”

  1. Silke says:

    Here is the evidence as outlined by the IPCC:

    Why don’t you ever provide yours?

  2. My evidence goes back billions of years, as produced by the Earth and Sun, rather then a bunch of blowhards, politicians, and beauracrats.

  3. Silke says:

    Yes, but where is the evidence? Do you have a scientific study (preferably published in a peer reviewed journal) to support your assertion?

    There is no doubt that the climate on Earth changed long before human activity could have played a role. But we now have a greater understanding of the causes and mechanisms of these changes (i.e. changes in the Earth’s orbit, changes in the fraction of solar radiation that is reflected, etc.). The fact that natural factors caused climate changes in the past does not mean that the current climate change is natural. By analogy, just because forest fires have long been caused naturally by lightning strikes does not mean that fires cannot also be caused by a careless camper. The key is to understand how human influences compare with natural ones in their contributions to recent climate change.

  4. john Ryan says:

    “A reportt prepared by Intertanko which represents the majority of the world’s tanker operators….”
    Wow so I guess the Bush Derangement Syndrome has spread all the way to the group that represents the operators of the world’s tanker fleet.

    Teach pretty soon we are going to have to start telling kids that Santa Claus lives in a houseboat at the North Pole

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